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These entertaining movie clips will take you through the hilarious and brilliant kulula years. It's well worth downloading and making some popcorn. So sit back and relax this is a journey of laughs and great entertainment, not to mention amazing deals!

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kulula case study 5

episode five

We had the Word Cup in the year that can never be mentioned, flew to the mars, our kulula Zone advert, made some labolla arrangements, upgraded our systems and bought new planes!
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episode four

04:37, 9.71 MB
Meet the 2008 kulula fleet. Take a Sho't left around SA and we introduce jetsetters,'s loyalty club, where you can fly for free!
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episode three

06:09, 13.1 MB
We demonstrate that kulula is really the easiest way to travel. You'll get up close and personal with the kulula credit card and so much more...
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episode two

07:28, 15.7 MB
Take a journey back in time when kulula first brought flying to the forefront and gave people a reason to smile.
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episode one

06:42, 14.2 MB
In the very begining... Take a hilarious journey down memory lane.
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