Convert your Avios

We’re excited to announce that kulula and Avios have joined forces so you can now convert your Avios to Travelbank credits and pay for any flight, at any time! (Just not the cockpit, rules and all.)

To get started

You’ll need a kulula ID to convert your Avios to Travelbank – Create a profile now.

If you already have Avios points and a kulula ID, you’re on your way to creating awesome stories of your own.

This is how you convert

Convert your Avios in a few easy steps:

  1. Visit and click on ‘Convert my Avios for flights'
  2. Log in with your kulula ID (Create a kulula ID, if you don’t have one)
  3. Verify your Avios membership details
  4. Convert and fly

Create a kulula ID | Join Avios | Learn more

Collecting Avios per flight
Collecting Avios points
Simply insert your Avios number when making a booking under traveller name to capture the spend and earn your Avios. Or create a kulula ID and have this info pre-populated when you log in and book.
Converting your Avios to fly
Converting Avios points
You’ll need to have a kulula ID and an Avios account, log in and convert your Avios to pay with Travelbank.