Argus bike transport procedures - March 2014

One of the most popular cycle races needs an extra special process to ensure all your hard work and dedication pays off and you have an enjoyable ride at the 2014 Argus.

We’ve tried to take a little weight off your shoulders by offering a bike drop-off service, an option that gives you peace of mind that your bike will arrive in Cape Town in time for the Argus.

Bike handling will cost R300 per bike per flight so that it arrives safely and timeously for the race.

Get your bike to Cape Town safely:

  • Call our Contact Centre 0861 KULULA (585852) between 7am to 7pm Monday to Sunday.
    The bike handling fee must be paid before your departure and payment cannot be accepted on the day of departure at the airports
  • Pay R300 per bike per one flight
  • We will email you a Handling Fee receipt which will serve as proof of payment and directions for your bike drop off.  You will also be able to download the procedures on our website

Before your departure, drop your bike off at the designated locations along with your Handling Fee receipt and you can be sure your bike will meet you on the other side

Important info for all riders

  • You must be in possession of your flight booking and Handling Fee receipt before your bike
    will be accepted
  • We recommend you place your bike on your private insurance
  • Travel with your flight booking, bike Handling fee receipt, and your ID book in order to collect your bike in Cape Town
  • Bikes can only be released to the person in possession of the Handling Fee receipt
  • We will make every effort to have your bike in Cape Town before you arrive or on the same flight, but we can’t guarantee this due to the volume of bicycles and space restrictions per aircraft.
  • Please allow 2-3 days for us to get your bike home. Call the relevant handling area (numbers will be provided in the procedures document) before you proceed to pick it up.

How to pack your bike:

In order to ensure your bike is delivered in perfect condition, please take special note of the following packing procedures:

  • The seat must be fully lowered
  • Turn the handlebars parallel to the frame
  • Leave the front wheel attached
  • Remove or turn the pedals inwards
  • Deflate your tyres (please do not inflate with nitrogen as they will not be accepted for carriage
    on the flight)
  • Your bike must be placed in a bike bag or box, or wrapped in bubble wrap
  • Bicycle inflation pumps filled with division 2.2 carbon dioxide non-flammable gas will be accepted
    for transportation as checked baggage only. The maximum amount per customer is limited to four
    16 gram cartridges. Cartridges larger than 16 grams will not be permitted for carriage. 
    Please declare this when checking in for your flight.
  • Remove speedometers and electronic equipment and pack into your hand luggage
  • Wheel-bags must be checked-in and cannot be carried as hand luggage. The standard checked baggage allowance will apply.  Should an Extra Bag Fee be levied, you can either pay R245 online
    or R350 at the airport
  • Pack spare wheels properly before check in.  At Check In, the spare wheels will be tagged with
    a limited release tag
  • Keep the limited release tag for collection

Failure to adhere to these rules and procedures will mean your bike will not be permitted for carriage.

Click on the link below to download the applicable procedures from where you will be flying from:

Should you be flying from East London or George, please call the Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852) to make arrangements for transportation of your bike.