IOSA safety accreditation

need another reason to fly with us?

We’re proud to say that we are the only low-cost airline in SA with an IOSA accreditation.

what is IOSA and why it should matter to you?

IOSA is the airline industry's first globally accepted safety audit programme which is centrally managed, continuously updated, and consistently implemented by experts and industry professionals. We are listed on the IOSA registry, meaning that we meet the safety standards which are based on 8 areas of operational safety:

  1. corporate organisation and management systems;
  2. flight operations;
  3. operational control – flight dispatch;
  4. aircraft engineering and maintenance;
  5. cabin operations;
  6. ground handling;
  7. cargo operations;
  8. and operational security

To maintain this status, we must complete an IOSA audit every two years and we are proud to say we have just completed our 4th audit , which is valid until May 26, 2014. This simply means that when you fly with us, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

safety card for download

If you’re as serious about safety as we are or have a thing for safety cards from around the world you’re in luck; you can now download the kulula safety card. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Download safety card
  2. Print on A3
  3. Laminate it and you have a safety card as good as the real thing