To get a travelbank account, you’ll need to create a kulula ID, this helps us associate the credit to a person. Then give our Contact Centre a call to credit your ID with a travelbank account.

Travelbank is credited when:

  • You receive compensation - Then give our Contact Centre a call to credit your ID and Travelbank account.
  • kulula credit card - Credit is automatically added every time you swipe your kulula credit card and earn kulula moolah. Learn how
  • Avios conversion - Convert your Avios to Travelbank by logging in with your kulula ID and Avios details and select the amount of Avios you wish to convert. 1000 Avios = R60. It’s the easiest way to save on flights. Learn more 

Travelbank is used to pay / part pay for a kulula or British Airways (operated by Comair Limited) flight booking only. No combination bookings (flight plus car / hotel) or flight extras can be bought using travelbank. Any kulula moolah you may have had, has already been saved in an account. Simply log into kulula ID using the old jetsetter log in details and password to access travelbank and pay for flights.

Read more about the kulula ID

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