kulula credit card

What you buy will make you fly.
It’s so easy to spend money, so we thought, why not reward your spending by giving you an opportunity to fly for free. Whenever you spend on your kulula credit card, you get kulula moolah back to pay or part pay towards any other kulula.com flight.

You'll earn flights faster with us than anywhere else, and we'll give you rewards you can actually use. It’s rand for rand value, no funny points system to work out. R1 kulula moolah = R1. No hidden fees or catches.

The new kulula gold credit card also comes with a new snazzy built in chip & PIN security, making it safe to use and giving you extra peace of mind.

activate now

You’ll need to activate your travelbank acount so that you can spend your kulula moolah (if you don’t activate you can’t redeem).

proceed to website

For more information, visit our credit card website at creditcard.kulula.com