check-in online

important things to know before you check-in

  • Before flight departure online check-in opens 24 hours but it closes 2 hours before flight departure
  • Arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before flight departure
  • Bring along your green bar-coded ID, driver’s licence or passport
  • Drop your luggage off at the "bag drop off" zone before going through security
  • Seat allocation may change due to operational, safety or security reasons
  • Exit row seats are only available at the airport check-in desks
  • By checking in online you can print your boarding pass at home or at the airport
check in nowWhere do I find my flight number?
my flight number starts with:
desktop check-in (requires 'Adobe Flash Player')
mobile device check-in (smart phones, iPads and other tablets)
British Airways
If your flight number starts with BA please check in 24 hours before departure by visiting using your British Airways reference number.

other airlines

If you are flying internationally, please ensure that you check-in at the counter specific to the airline you are flying with.

what you need to know

  • Check your flight numbers before proceeding to the correct counters. ‘MN’ means proceed to the kulula counters, and ‘BA’ means proceed to the British Airways counters
  • Drop your bag at the bag drop-off zone at least 30 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and 40 minutes prior to departure for international flights before going through security
  • Bags will not be collected 30 minutes prior to departure

how to check-in online

If you’re flying with us to a local kulula destination, follow these easy steps for hassle-free check-in:

  1. In the control above select the appropriate flight number. 'MN' for kulula or 'BA' for British Airways
  2. Select 'check in now'
  3. Read the baggage security questions, tick to confirm acceptance, then click ‘accept and proceed’
  4. Fill in your name, departure city and booking code. Press ‘continue’
  5. Indicate the type of traveller you are; male, female or child
  6. You can either check in or select a seat. To select a seat, click on the ‘select seat’ tab and choose your preferred seat free of charge. Otherwise, go straight to check-in
  7. Print your boarding pass or email it to your preferred address. You can also get your boarding pass printed at the self-service kiosks or check-in counters

alternative check-in options

  • self-service kiosks at selected airports
  • check-in counters at the airports

Read more about airport check-in.