notice to FlySafair passengers

Customers who have been affected by the recent High Court interdict granted* against FlySafair, prohibiting them from operating a scheduled air service until the decision of the Domestic Air Services council to grant FlySafair a license has been reviewed by the High Court, will be re-accommodated on Comair’s flights.

Comair will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to accommodate passengers with a FlySafair ticket on the date they originally booked and will honour the price specified on the FlySafair ticket.

We look forward to welcoming you on board our Comair flights and our staff will make sure you have an enjoyable journey from beginning to end.

Rest assured that Comair will do their very best to re-accommodate all passengers on the original dates of travel, at the price paid.

To get re-accommodated follow the below procedure:

step 1:

  • Contact FlySafair to receive a full refund of the flights booked

step 2:

  • Call us on 010 492 2230 or 011 921 0205 with your FlySafair reference number
  • You will need to have your FlySafair reference number handy and may need to provide us with a copy of your original FlySafair flight confirmation document, this can be mailed to us at:
  • We'll do our best to have you travelling on the original day you booked but we may not able to guarantee times due to scheduling and availability
  • At our discretion, Comair may accommodate you on either of the brands / British Airways (operated by Comair) at the same price as originally paid to FlySafair
  • The new booking will be made in the same name and for the same route as originally booked
  • No name, date or route changes from the original FlySafair booking can be accommodated
  • No flight changes can be made after the British Airways (operated by Comair) or flight has been confirmed
  • You will receive your new British Airways or flight confirmation once your new booking has been paid for.
  • Any extra bags, pre-paid seating or travel insurance will need to be requested at time of booking with our Contact Centre agents
  • Please take note of your new departure and check-in times and feel free to make use of the online check-in or self-service check-in facilities
  • Please do not arrive at the airport on the day of travel that is indicated on your FlySafair ticket, without adhering to the above process. We strongly advise that you call sooner rather than later, as no bookings will be allowed within 72 hours of the original date of departure as stated on your FlySafair ticket.
  • Once your flight has been confirmed either kulula or British Airways (operated by Comair) conditions of carriage and terms and conditions will apply

* The interdict was granted against Safair Operations (Pty) Limited (‘FlySafair’) by the North Gauteng High Court which prohibits FlySafair from selling tickets and starting with its operations. This order will remain in place until the Air Services Licensing Council's decision, to grant Safair its scheduled licence, has been reviewed by the High Court.

The Order states:

  1. The first respondent, Safair Operations (Pty) Limited, is interdicted and restrained, pending the finalisation of the application for review from operating a class S1 air service pursuant to the decision of the second respondent made on 14 August 2013.
  2. The second applicant, Comair Limited, is directed to take all reasonable steps within its power to provide to every person holding a ticket to travel on the first respondent’s proposed class S1 air service, at no additional cost whatsoever to each such person, alternative means of undertaking and completing on the date or dates stated in such ticket, the journey or journeys by air contemplated in such ticket.
  3. For the purpose of paragraph 2 of this order, “reasonable steps” shall include the obligation, at the cost of the second applicant, to charter or otherwise procure the use of and make available as many aircraft as may be necessary to enable each such ticket holder to undertake and complete, on the date or dates stated in such ticket, the journey or journeys by air contemplated in such ticket.

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