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  • It's official: Sepp Blatter flies kulula!

    Sepp Blatter, a Boston Terrier from Cape Town takes up offer of free flights

    Jo'burg, 18 June - Sepp Blatter, a young Boston Terrier from Cape Town, is receiving free flights from low fare airline … more

  • Unseasonal weather causes havoc at Lanseria Airport

    Jo'burg, 10 May 2010 - Unseasonal weather, in particular heavy rain and fog, has caused severe disruptions to flights from Lanseria airport in recent weeks. The weather has resulted in over 30 kulula. … more

  • kulula questions airport readiness for 2010

    George and Durban of most concern

    Jo'burg, 28 April 2010 - today raised concerns around the readiness of South African airports for the 2010 World Cup. The most immediate worry is the … more

  • "Sky™ is the limit," demands kulula legal team

    Jo'burg - Low fare airline has recently undergone an extensive process to trademark the Sky™, and today announced that authorisation of this trademark has been granted. The move … more

  • kulula simplifies online payment for flights

    Jo'burg - kulula has introduced a new online payment mechanism called Secure Instant Deposit (SID) that will help speed up and simplify internet transfers. SID is an assisted electronic funds … more

  • kulula launches onboard entertainment podcast

    Jo'burg - Tuesday, 15 December 2009 - kulula has launched an onboard entertainment podcast for fans flying with them over the summer. The podcast is available as a free download (that can be heard on … more

  • kulula keeps its nose on the ball

    Jo'burg – Thursday, 09 June 2009 - kulula is getting into the soccer spirit ahead of the 2009 Confederations Cup kicking-off in SA from June 14th – 28th by showing their South African … more

  • Z News puppets take to the air with

    Jo'burg – Thursday, 04 June 2009 - While The Z News puppets might still be absent from the airwaves, they are at least able to wave from the air thanks to The low-fare airline, in a … more

  • kulula and Flight Centre part ways

    Jo'burg – Thursday, 21 May 2009 -, South Africa's biggest online retailer, today announced that its flights would no longer be offered through Flight Centre outlets nationwide. … more

  • jetsetters' first birthday

    82 000 fans and counting celebrate jetsetters' first birthday One year on, kulula's loyalty club encourages more free flights, smarter travel

    19 May 2009 - Encouraging more fans to fly for free, … more

  • kulula to cause a stink

    Jo'burg – Tuesday 01 April - In an effort to lighten its load and save on fuel costs in increasingly constricted operating conditions, kulula will be dumping its processed sewerage over … more

  • kulula takes no nonsense

    Jo'burg - Sunday 1 March 2009 - Following the arrest of the man suspected of making a recent bomb threat to the airline, kulula has warned travellers against making threats to the safety and security … more

  • ACSA awards

    Fan favourite: kulula adds feathers to its cap

    December 18, 2008: Based on an independent consumer survey, was voted 'Best Low Cost Airline'> at George and PE airports as part of the … more