kulula and Europcar paint the skies green

Johannesburg, 25 February 2013: Europcar has taken to the skies, as a brand new kulula Boeing 737-800 branded with Europcar, took its first flight last week. This is the first of two new kulula Boeing 737-800 planes that will be painted with Europcar branding and rolled out in February and March.

kulula and Europcar paint the skies green

The branding celebrates the continued long-term commitment to the partnership that has existed between kulula and Europcar for the past eight years.

Nadine Damen, marketing manager of kulula.com says, “With a successful partnership and aligned synergies between the two companies, we are proud to display Europcar branding on our planes.”

kulula’s new fleet of Boeing 737-800’s, with increased carrying capacity and greater fuel efficiency, form part of kulula’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. These efforts are strongly aligned with Europcar’s greening drive, and hence provide an ideal high visibility platform for the two-like minded companies to demonstrate their aligned commitment to a cleaner, greener environment.

“With this high visibility platform we hope to further entrench our brand in the industry and in the hearts and minds of our customers,” says Dawn Nathan-Jones, chief executive of Europcar.