2020 travel trends

Monday, 03 February 2020 06:31 AM

It’s a new year, a new decade, and the beginning of a new generation of travellers. From planet-friendly lifestyles to a new craze of tiny travelling, this year travel has a new purpose with holidaymakers personalising their getaways to suit their every need. As holiday whisperers, we at kulula know what the next big things are for travel in 2020, so here they are:

Solo travel

Going at it alone has never been more popular, with solo travel making up around 18% of global travel bookings. Within the 18%, 34% said that their lonesome travels are among their top five trips of all time. "Solo trips give the traveller an opportunity to experience the world around them at their own pace and in their own time, as holiday curation becomes an all-you-can-do, all-you-can-see buffet", says Desmond 'O Connor, Head of kulula holidays. Travelling alone gives you the opportunity to fill your plate up with adventure activities, or help yourself to a sizable portion of history and culture.

Tiny travel

Being trendsetters by nature, millennials have become the pioneers of the travel world. Big trips abroad for several weeks at a time have been reinvented into shorter, more compact trips at a domestic level. By definition, this new style of travel is called “micro-cation” and doesn’t last longer than five nights. There are loads of great reasons to opt for tiny travel and micro-cations. Instead of saving up for one big shebang during the year, you can take several bite-sized trips throughout the year. "Light on leave from the office and budget-friendly, micro-cations are an opportunity to become an authoritative traveller and gives travellers an opportunity to explore their country by visiting places they may not have considered before", adds "O Connor.

Second city

Second city travel is all about travelling outside the box. When it comes to taking a break, many travellers fall into tourist traps, where your R&R has to make way for overcrowding and high prices. Second city travel is the idea of avoiding cities which double up as popular tourist destinations. Instead, smaller cities which aren’t frequented by as many tourists become the destination of choice. Coastal metropoles like Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London are rewarding second cities, where you can enjoy your time off at a slower pace and at great value. With more affordable prices and fewer crowds, second city travel lets you stay away for longer, and experience splurge-worthy accommodation, fancy restaurants, and those must-see sites that you may not have had the chance to experience otherwise.


Who said you have to leave to go on holiday? Some of the best breaks are spent in your own backyard. Whether you’re a big city dweller or live in a leafy suburb, there is plenty to do in your home town or city. Go to the beach or visit a public pool, see a show at a community theatre and make a stop by local museums and galleries. Take hikes, wander along the high street or visit a nearby area that you’ve never been to. Spice up your staycation by checking into a BnB and check for seasonal specials that you can benefit from. Just like you would a normal holiday, you need to take a few things into consideration, like planning the things you’d like to do and create a budget.

Purposeful travel

The evolution of travel has taken us to some incredible places where we have seen amazing things and taken part in mesmerizing activities. Whether you’ve been skydiving or seen the snow-capped Drakensberg, travel is exceptional. In 2020, there is a definite trend that will take you to new horizons. Welcome to the world of enriching travel – travel with a purpose. As travellers become more conscious of the world and people around them, holiday seekers are travelling differently. The travel industry is seeing the rise of planet-friendly travel, where travellers seek to explore travel by lowering their carbon footprint and making use of vegan accommodation, while other travellers might consider using their break to help communities in need.

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