7 travel goals to make a reality in 2020

Tuesday, 28 January 2020 01:33 PM

It’s time to set new travel goals! Out with the old and in with the new. If travelling more, saving money for your next holiday, or creating a more meaningful and enjoyable travel experience is on your list of travel resolutions to achieve, make 2020 your best travel year yet. Our goal inspiration and tips will assist you on how to stay on course.

Create a yearly travel bucket list

Not a resolutions enthusiast? Or do your resolutions quickly fall by the wayside when the likelihood of achieving them diminishes? A travel bucket list of destinations or landmarks to see, people to visit and experiences to have may just be what you need to keep the positive momentum going throughout the year. Bucket list travel ideas also come with loads of advantages. You can break down your bigger resolutions into smaller more achievable goals, whilst focusing on the positives as you tick them off you list. No matter how small, each one counts and adjust the list as you see fit at any time to stay inspired.

Tip: To make your bucket list dreams come true, set a realistic time frame for achieving each list item and create your bucket list as soon as possible to avoid the flurry of day-to-day activities that cause procrastination.

Save towards your next holiday

Putting your travel plans into action can be overwhelming, when thinking about the costs involved. But, worry not! Getting to your dream destination is achievable with a realistic travel budget in place. This starts with some holiday cost analysis, the amount you’re willing to allocate towards your travel savings and how soon and frequently you’re putting the money away.

Tip: To resist the temptation of spending it all, keep your travel savings separate from the rest of your finances by starting a travel fund or savings account. To ensure that you’re growing your savings throughout the year, arrange for a regular debit order payment into your travel fund to go off on payday, to avoid spending it on other necessities.

Get budget-savvy

Make your travel money go a little further by spending wisely. This allows you to spend less, travel more, create more memories and save while on holiday. If giving up on all your guilty pleasures or stashing lots of moola each month sounds like too much of an effort, then we’ve got some easy ideas to help your money go that extra mile.

With a bit of luck, entering a travel competition could get you some free flights or an all-expenses-paid holiday at absolutely no cost. Or, why not combine your business travel with some leisure time by simply extending your travel period. That way, you get to maximize every travel opportunity. If you’re wanting to avoid the crowds, consider off-peak periods for cheaper flights and accommodation. And if you’re looking to reduce your stress levels throughout the year, taking weekend trips will leave you with enough money in your pocket for many more! But who doesn’t love a good travel deal? From combo bookings to flash sales and last-minute deals, taking advantage of a good deal can save you loads.

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Explore your own backyard (Local is lekker!)

From the diverse wildlife and rustic charm of the Kruger Park to the eclectic city life of Jozi, Durbs and Cape Town, South Africa is truly a melting pot of cultures and experiences which make it a sought-after travel destination. Not only does it offer the domestic traveller great value for money, but you’ll be sure to gain a new appreciation for South African heritage when exploring the less-travelled corners of the country. Better yet, travel times to local destinations are significantly shorter. From Cape Town, a kulula flight gets you to Joburg in just two hours, giving you the flexibility to fit in some leisure between a busy routine. Take your pick between a weekend break chilling at the beach or an extended family vacation packed with adventure. Not to mention avoiding the additional complexities of travelling abroad - local travel requires no visas or time zone adjustments!

Tip: Save time and money, with an off-the-beaten-track experience near any one of South Africa’s major cities. The kulula green machines fly to all major local cities at affordable rates. And if you’re looking for a holiday package, hotel accommodation or car hire to explore many of Mzansi's hidden gems, we’ve got you covered with kulula holidays.

Try something new

Be a better you by trying something new in 2020. If you’re looking to overcome the fear of the unknown or find answers to some of life’s important questions, travel may just be what you need to get out of a comfort zone and live in the moment. From meeting new people to visiting a new destination, flying for the first time, learning a new language or eating a new dish, every new travel experience can be a rewarding journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Tip: Although planning a trip is important, over planning can take the fun out of your leisure experience and cause additional stress. Some of life’s best moments happen when they are unplanned, so leave room in your travel itinerary for spontaneity.

Embrace travel tech

Take your travel experience to even greater heights in 2020 by embracing travel technology. Whether you’re a travel novice or expert, planning and managing a trip can be a stressful task. Making travel arrangements, planning your itinerary, ensuring your safety, setting a budget and packing the right items are just some of the things to consider. Travel apps or self-service portals put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your travel experience. These apps offer convenience at your fingertips, as well as the ultimate peace of mind. Tailor your travel bookings or checklists to suit your needs, get alerted when itineraries or schedules change to mitigate risk, share or carry out time-consuming tasks on the go and in the comfort of your own home to save time.

Tip: Rethink the way you travel with kulula in 2020 by downloading the travel app. This nifty travel companion comes with many advantages that save you time and give you the added convenience of managing your entire flight booking wherever you are.

Travel responsibly

Wanting to make a positive impact but not sure where and how to start? Make 2020 your year of responsible travel! Creating a meaningful travel experience will not only enrich your life, but can better the environment and lives of others. Reduce your carbon footprint by making small adjustments to your travel habits or boost the local economy by supporting local business. And with volunteerism and eco-tourism on the rise, you can create an entire holiday around giving back and making a positive change. From nature conservation programs to outreach and child welfare projects, you can choose to participate in any local initiative close to your heart.

Tip: Start small by being environmentally-conscious. Packing lighter, reducing your water consumption while travelling or opting to cycle or walk short distances are some simple ways to reduce your water and carbon footprint. Done in numbers, the impact on the environment could be significant! Find out how kulula is embarking on its sustainability journey.

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