For the love of flying…

Friday, 13 May 2022 08:22 AM

When most people think about a holiday, they think about kicking back poolside with a delicious ice-cold drink in hand and the sunshine on their skin. But making the most of a holiday should be about more than just enjoying the destination itself – it's about soaking up every second of the journey too. Here are just a few reasons why everyone loves flying.

Service with a smile

There's nothing quite like being served your morning coffee on a weekday as you head to your chosen destination while everyone else is at work. No meetings to worry about, no boss to pester you about deadlines. No disruptions whatsoever! Plus, you’ll get to relax and enjoy a guilt-free snack. Everybody knows calories consumed while in the air don’t count *wink*!

Blissful views

Spend a few minutes gazing over the wing of the aircraft and (literally) getting lost in the clouds. It’s time to savour the sprawling view of our beautiful country from a whole different perspective. After all, no matter how many times you’ve hopped aboard a plane and snagged the window seat, views this breath-taking just never get old!

Delight in disconnecting

During your flight, be sure to kick back with a page-turner, close your eyes for a bit or use the opportunity to get some work done in peace. This is pretty much the only time you're forced to be away from the constant buzzing of your phone… and it's up to you whether to switch off or be productive.

Forming new friendships

That strong ‘we’re all in this together’ camaraderie that you feel from the moment you set foot in the airport makes it easy to strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the plane. Who knows what the two of you might have in common? Remember, we at go that extra mile to make sure you always have a memorable flight. From our mouth-watering onboard menu to our flexible fare options, there are just so many reasons why flying with is, well, pretty fly. We help you go places, and we get you there in comfort and style. So, for the love of flying, book your trip today!

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