Heritage Day: A South African love story

Thursday, 19 September 2019 08:00 AM

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This Heritage Day let us explore South Africa’s 11 official languages and where they originate from.

September marks Heritage month in South Africa. Heritage day, referred by some as Braai day, is a day marked on the calendar as a significant occasion when South Africans embrace their cultures, traditions and customs, proudly celebrating who they are and where they’re from. This year the theme for heritage month is: “Celebrating South Africa’s literary classics in the year of indigenous languages”. The theme was created with the aim to empower the international community in order to develop, promote and collectively celebrate indigenous languages.

Diverse cultures

With 11 official languages and 9 provinces (we fly to 5 provinces); diversity is our strength and is what makes us unique to the rest of the world, which is why South Africa is famously known as the rainbow nation. Heritage Day, is a time to reflect on our deep-rooted history; a time for self-love and appreciation, and a time to explore the country’s beauty by stepping out of our comfort zone and learning about a new culture, place or language - needless to say, embrace the spirit of Ubuntu (Unity).

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