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Friday, 14 February 2020 08:00 AM

Often when travelling, we leave our homes with no expectation but to reach our destination, safe and sound.  In the month of love, a world-famous quote comes to mind” Always be prepared because you never know who you’re going to meet that will change your life forever.” According to a study done by HSBC, 1 in 50 airplane passengers meet the love of their life on board an aircraft. See where we’re going with this?

For this couple, it’s a unique and magical story, almost like something out of a movie. It was meant to be an ordinary day; waking up, catching flights and arriving at the planned destination…but fate had other plans.

This part of their journey was aligned with destiny (preordained) and everything happened exactly as it was meant to.  After their original flight was cancelled, Jane and Danie ended up sitting next to each other on their next flight, and as they say "the rest is history". This is more than just a fairy-tale love story, it's legendary and it's real life. Needless to say, anything is possible, and love can find you anywhere and at any time, so it could happen to you too. 😉

We caught up with the couple for a bit of inspiration in the month of Love with 10 questions; for a better idea about their love story, finding out what it’s like travelling together and what their future travel plans look like. #TravelGoals #CoupleGoals

Q & A with Jane & Danie:

1. Was it love at first flight?

Jane: Yes, I think so. I was checking him out in the lounge earlier, and then I was so lucky to sit next to him!

Danie: Funny how when you first see someone you don’t instantly realise the connection. She and her friend were standing in the queue trying to get a new flight, as the one we were booked on was cancelled. Later, when I spoke to her on the plane I felt that warm feeling inside. So, it must have been love at first sight!


2. Were you sitting in an aisle or window seat when you met?

Jane: Danie sat on the aisle seat and I sat in the middle, right next to him.

Danie: I am a tall bloke, so it is always an aisle seat for me.


3. What was one of the first things you said to each other?

Jane: I started the conversation and asked him if they were from Johannesburg and what they were going to do in Cape Town. Eventually when we landed, he asked me for my number. It took him 2 hours! And I texted him first!

Danie: I was just holding back on her. I am a reserved guy, and I don’t like to pester other travellers with petty talk, lol! I just couldn’t let her go without her contact number, at least.


4. Where were you travelling to at the time you met, and was it for business or were you on holiday?

Jane: I went on holiday with a friend to Gordon’s Bay.

Danie: I was with a friend to do business in Cape Town. We were collecting a vehicle for his dealership. I was there to support him and to drive the car back to Johannesburg. A little bit of a boys weekend out!


5. Have you travelled together yet, and where have you been?

Jane: Yes, a few times. We met September 2018. Our first trip together was to Dubai in December, and then after that we went to Cape Town (Hermanus) over the holidays. In Feb 2019, we visited Cape Town (Franschhoek) and again, in October. We went to Mauritius in March and September, then we went to Dubai again, in December. In April 2020, we are going to Morocco.

Danie: We did the ROVOS rail in December 2019 from Pretoria to Cape Town as well. An unforgettable train trip experience. We are blessed to have travelled together, locally and internationally.


6. Are there any places on your bucket list and why those specific places?

Jane: Morocco was one of them and we are very excited for this trip. There are so many; Greece, Spain, Croatia….and I want to go to Maldives for our honeymoon (hint-hint*). We love culture, history and beach holidays.

Danie: I love the Middle East. I have been to Saudi Arabia and I saw most of the GCC. Morocco is going to be a treat. I would love to see Turkey, but certainly Greece and for our honeymoon Croatia (hint-hint*).


7. What tips do you have for couples travelling together for the first time, and in general?

Jane: Pack your own bag LOL. And he packs more than me! Make a list beforehand so you don’t forget anything. Have fun and make memories!

Danie: Pack your own bag, or so I am told! Make sure you follow her list precisely. Have fun and make memories! On a serious note, plan your trip together. It makes it easier knowing what is on the agenda and that we have both agreed to the plan.


8. Typically, what role do each of you play when it comes to planning a trip: choosing the next destination, booking flights, planning activities etc.?

Jane: I am the planner and organiser.  I like to book activities beforehand and plan the trip and routes. I always pass it by him so we can finalise our travel plans together. We enjoy cooking classes, wine & food pairings, cruising, cycling etc. We have pretty much the same interests. I also like to surprise him with something I booked that he did not expect.

Danie: What she said! as long as I pack my own bag. It helps being compatible, having the same interests and compromising where required. Her planning is spot on.


9. What are your top 3 most essential travel items?

Jane: Comfortable shoes, sun block and my hair straightener.

Danie: Motion sickness tablets, a power bank and earphones for the plane.


10. What is your favourite part about travelling together?

Jane: Danie always carries or pushes the luggage. I am now spoilt and I don’t like travelling alone anymore as no one is there to help me with my luggage. Yes, I would say the bags!

On a serious note I feel safe with Danie, he always makes me feel safe and he is very vigilant, the responsible one. Best part, he is not only my soulmate but my travel buddy, and I think having the right travel buddy is the secret to any successful holiday.

Danie: Jane’s planning ahead helps a lot. She handles the documents while I carry the luggage. She is an easy-going girl which makes travelling with her unforgettable. Just don’t make her walk too far, and she doesn’t have a personality when she is hungry!😜 She understands my needs, my moods and my irritations. She is very accommodating. I understand her likes and dislikes, including all her capabilities and any shortcomings (when travelling) are always catered for.

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