Reasons to fly through Lanseria International Airport

Wednesday, 15 September 2021 08:00 AM

Lanseria is the perfect airport to use for so many reasons. Its petite size means it’s an easily navigable space with fewer crowds to negotiate. A small, but substantial variety of stores will have you covered, from coffee to curios, and why not sweeten your waiting time a little more by spending time in the class and comfort of SLOW Lounge XS. From leisure to practicality, there’s a load you can do to make the most of your Lanseria experience.

Check out the online check-in

By checking in online, you’re saving a wad of time and reducing contact, which lowers the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Lucky for you, kulula makes this process especially easy, and allows you the opportunity to check in online in a couple of ways. The first method is simple: use your browser and open our online check-in page. From there, you enter your flight details, select your seats and print out your boarding pass. But like so many things these days, there’s also an app for that. It’s quick and easy, and instead of printing your boarding pass, you can either save or share it using this smart tech.

Jump the lines in 1, Q, 3

Q-Jump is just another way kulula makes air travel that much easier. With Q-Jump, you have the chance to zip through the boarding process - this means jumping the boarding queue for flight departures. And to sweeten the deal, your luggage is given “very-important-bag status”, meaning your bags will jump queues of their own as they find their way back to you. Just be sure to add the option at the time of making your flight booking online, through our Contact Center or at our Airport Ticket Sales counters.

You need fuel too

Fueling up for a flight isn’t just something our mean, green, flying machines do. It’s also what our passengers love to do, whether they’re filling up with coffee, water, or a health-conscious smoothie. In the terminal at Lanseria, you can take your pick between Kauai, vida e caffè and Wiesenhof Restaurant

Plan to chill

Getting to know the airport before you get there can be what makes the difference in having a smooth airport experience. This is especially true if you’re travelling to an unfamiliar airport, like Lanseria may be for many. Even if you’re a Lanseria veteran and have been visiting since its days as a grass airstrip, there are still some noteworthy spots to keep in mind. Start off by checking out how to get there, as the route which takes you there doesn’t use any major highway. Once you know where you’re going, it’s a good idea to check what kind of facilities are available to you, like restaurants, coffee spots and even a gadget store for an emergency power bank purchase. Make sure you get to the airport early enough to give yourself time to find the check-in counters, security gate, and other facilities you may need.

Lounge, don’t wait

The SLOW Lounge XS is just one more excuse to get to the airport early. Here, you can experience unparalleled luxury. The SLOW Lounge XS has reimagined the travel experience through its inviting, award-winning interiors, celebrated local art collection, considered catering menu and distinguished service delivery. It’s not just a waiting room – it’s a place for you to unwind and charge up before you set foot onto your plane. Tuck into the dawn-to-dusk buffet or sink into a deep chair and make use of the Wi-Fi and charging ports, it’s all about you at SLOW Lounge XS.

Covid-19 Compliance

Travelling in the new normal is no easy feat, but Lanseria has gone above and beyond to ensure that your travel experience is a whole lot safer. If you’re entering the parkade or terminal building , expect temperature screening and sanitisation of hands. All conveyor belts are cleaned and disinfected regularly, to reduce luggage contamination. For added convenience, sanitisation points have been placed throughout the airport. Social distancing is enforced with stickers all over the airport to remind passengers of the dos and don’ts. To further enhance your safety, the normal pick up and drop off zone has been split into an entry and exit, demarcated by social distancing stickers and truncheons. At the boarding gates, passengers are required to scan their boarding passes and present identification to the boarding agent, which is all done behind a screen.

Flying from Lanseria International has never been easier with With comfort and convenience at your fingertips, you can access affordable fares, take advantage of favourable flight schedules to Durban and Cape Town, and tailor your flight experience to suit your travel needs!

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