Top 5 beaches in Durbs

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 10:15 AM

The coastal city of Durbs has loads of great beaches right on its doorstep. Catch a tan with an urban backdrop on any of the beaches that hug the city, or head out of town and enjoy the warm Umhlanga Waters or swim with dolphins in Ballito. With so many stretches of beach to choose from, here’s our pick of the best.

North Beach

Easily one of Durbs’s most popular beaches, North Beach is flanked by long piers which are perfect for evening strolls while there are plenty of restaurants and cafes for you to take advantage of. Its calm waters are great for swimmers and surfers alike, with shark nets keeping the sharks out.

Dairy Beach

The beach with two names, Dairy Beach is also known as New Pier Beach and can also be found along the city’s Golden Mile. Dairy Beach is one of the city’s most dependable surf spots, with its beach break providing a consistent wave, especially when the southwest wind picks up. When you’re not shredding it out there on the waves, there are some great Durbs Beachfront Restaurants to choose from.

La Lucia

The warm waters which hug KwaZulu Natal’s coastline are famous for loads of activities, and you can find nearly all of them in Umhlanga. La Lucia Beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand and tantalizingly warm waters, where you can find adventure in snorkelling, diving, surfing and, of course, swimming. Perhaps most famous is its coral reef, which is filled with colourful fish.

South Beach

We started at the top and now we’re at the bottom. If that doesn’t sound right, then all you have to do is take a look at this stunning beach and what it has to offer. Set between North Beach and uShaka Marine World, South Beach enjoys good access to Durbs’s Harbour, which is one of the few natural harbours between the Southern Cape and Mozambique’s Maputo. This is one beach where you can see and be seen, as it is close to Durbs’s trendy Point area. Whether you’re here to catch a tan, take a dip or watch a regatta, you’re guaranteed to have a great beach experience.

Addington Beach

Also found along the Golden Mile, Addington Beach is famed for its wide, sandy beaches and grassy patches, which make for splendid picnic spots. Although Addington Beach is in such close proximity to the city, this beach still manages to be reasonably quieter than its sister beaches, so if you’re looking for a little more peace and quiet, Addington’s got it.

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