Top 5 reserves near Durbs

Thursday, 06 May 2021 06:30 AM

Cast your mind toward Durbs and your imagination might conjure up thoughts of gorgeous beaches with urban backdrops. But there is so much more to this city, and just outside of it, there are some incredible bush experiences to be had, and places where you will feel hundreds of kilometres away from the city, even if you’re just a stone’s throw from it. Here are five amazing bush spots just outside of the city.

Tala Private Game Reserve

Tucked away in wild hills not far from the city, Tala Game Reserve allows you to get closer to nature. A sanctuary which spans over 3 000 hectares, the reserve has many diverse habitats which are home to some big game, including kudu, hippo, giraffe and eland, as well as some 380 bird species. Designed to “suit your pocket and personality”, you’ll be able to find an aspect of Tala that’ll make your stay a memorable one.

Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

This is a petite nature reserve, which only covers 253 hectares. But with its compact size comes a concentrated wilderness experience. With beautiful plant life, you will have the opportunity to see zebra, bushbuck, reedbuck, impala, red and grey duiker and the elusive bush baby. Here, at the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, you can have a totally immersive experience with over and above 13km of nature walks, as well as a 10km mountain bike trail. This picturesque spot is also a favourite trail running venue for KZN Trail Running.

Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

This little patch of paradise is just a 20-minute drive from Durbs, but out here, you will feel like you’re in another world. Krantzkloof has spectacular views across the forested gorge and of the Molweni River. One of the best sights and attractions of the reserve is their famous picnic spot, which sits next to the dam at the head of Kloof Falls.

Beachwood Mangroves Reserve

This little nature reserve, which is only 76 hectares, is home to the largest population of mangrove trees in the Durbs area, with three main species of the tree to be seen. Among other growth, you might find creeping plants and pioneer scrub along the creeping dunes too. The birdlife here is sublime, with the mangrove kingfisher, curlew and dikkop to be spotted by day, and the Natal nightjar to be heard at night.

Gwahumbe Game Lodge

Gwahumbe Game Lodge and Spa is only an hour’s drive from Durbs, but provides some of the very best safari experiences in the province. The lodge is the ultimate wind down with an incredible spa, famous for its signature journeys and Gwahumbe facials. When you’re not receiving a world-class spa treatment, you can go on one of the lodge’s famous game drives, which is the most authentic way for you to experience the surrounding bush.

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