Top 5 romantic experiences at Victoria Falls

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 08:48 AM

5) Candlelit Nights

After a day filled with adventure and natural exploration, take to the charming streets after sunset to spend a romantic, candlelit night at one of Victoria Falls’ many restaurants or luxury lodges. The Boma makes a thrilling place to enjoy traditional song and dance over tantalising cuisine, while The Elephant Cafe in Zambia affords you not only exquisite plating, but also an interaction with the resident elephants.

Meander through an unspoiled rainforest, steeped in the gentle mist of the mighty Victoria Falls, enjoy a sunset cruise that reveals the magic of the great Zambezi, savour candle-lit dinners in the old town; the region of Victoria Falls is not short of unforgettable experiences for two. Here are our top five romantic must-dos:

1) Explore Victoria Falls

Share an umbrella as you walk along the meandering paths that snake in and around the incredible Victoria Falls. Here, you can spend hours exploring the luscious rainforest and frolicking in the dampening spray that comes directly off of the Falls. Make sure to checkout Knife’s Edge, Rainbow Falls, and Danger Point for some Instagram-worthy couple shots.

2) Cycle over Victoria Falls Bridge

Discover one of the Cape to Cairo railway line’s greatest architectural feats, the Victoria Falls Bridge. Rent a pair of bikes and cycle over it, enjoying the slowed down exploration method that also happens to be a cheap and fun way to see the Falls from afar.

3) Dinner on the Livingstone Express

While the price tag can be eyebrow-raising, this experience is always jaw-dropping. This is a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience that sees you hop aboard the Livingstone Express for a four-hour ride on a vintage steam train. You’ll enjoy a three-course meal of the finest cuisine and stop for sundowners on the Victoria Falls Bridge.

4) Sunset Cruises

Watch the burnt-orange orb of the African sun sink slowly into the mesmerising horizon as you sip on a freshly-mixed cocktail and drift gently down the scenic Zambezi River. With bloats of hippo silhouetting across the sunset and your significant other at your side, this is truly the perfect way to end the day at Victoria Falls.

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