Travel tips from the kulula crew

Thursday, 19 December 2019 12:45 PM

To celebrate the inspiring women at kulula, we’ve handpicked some of their expert advice to share with the first-time flyer and seasoned traveller. Whether it’s smart packing advice you’re after or needing to brush up on some travel safety basics, our highly experienced air and ground crew will inspire you on your journey to becoming a travel master in no time.


Smart Packing

Packing for a flight can be a tricky balance between sticking to airline baggage policies, inflight restrictions and ensuring you have all the travel items you need. With daily trips to South Africa’s main regional centres, all year round, the kulula ladies have got this combination down to a science. Here are some of their favourite packing tips you should know:

Digitize your packing checklist

Free apps like PackPoint, PackKing and Packr (to name a few), customize your packing list based on your destination’s weather and travel itinerary. You can set reminders to pack essential items, check them off and even share your list with friends.

Pack for cabin pressure

Prevent fluids from seeping out of your bags by leak-proofing your containers with cling wrap and using zip lock bags.

Use the rule of halves

Only take half of the clothes and shoes you were planning to bring on your trip. This forces you to pack what you need.

Think small

Save luggage space by packing miniature quantities of your basic amenities like perfumes, lotions and shampoos.

Repurpose old containers

Don’t throw away your contact lens case, sample bottles or containers! These nifty items can provide just enough capacity to store hand cream, makeup and perfumes. Put them in your carry-on bag and you’re good to go.

Cube it

Saving luggage space has never been easier with packing cubes. Better yet, these luggage organizers allow you easy access to your travel items, prevent clothes from creasing and are available at most major retail outlets.

Be extra

Be prepared if your trip doesn’t go as planned. Always pack a jersey irrespective of your destination. Mother nature sometimes doesn't play nice in the warmest of places. And, carry an extra padlock and key, as you never know when you might need it.


Travel Safety

An enjoyable and worry-free experience is what every traveller strives for, but it only takes a blink of an eye for the worst to happen. When it comes to safety, prevention is better than cure, and the brilliant kulula ladies have got some handy pieces of advice that go beyond the green plane. Whether you’re travelling solo, travelling with family members or with valuable items, keep these tips in mind:

Research your travel destination

Know the risky areas and activities to avoid when getting around or searching for accommodation. Planning for the unexpected increases your chances of getting out of an unavoidable situation, so know what to do and who to contact when faced with a crisis.

Don’t share personal information in public

Sharing personal details in public could open you up to a host of unwarranted activities. Hotel room numbers, names and exact whereabouts, are only some of the details to be kept hidden from strangers. Reserve this information for people you trust.

Share your travel itinerary

No matter how long or short your trip, sharing your flight dates and times, accommodation reservations and other planned activities with loved ones will help them reach you in the event of emergencies.

Personalize your luggage

Make your checked luggage stand out from the crowd by adding colourful embellishments. This will make it easy to spot on the conveyor belt, reducing the chances of it getting lost or stolen.

Stay in contact

There’s no better time to step up your WhatsApp and Instagram game than when you travel. Those frequent selfies and instant messages help to keep family and friends updated, but more importantly, lets them know you’re safe.

Keep emergency contacts

Make sure you always have the right emergency contacts on hand in case of theft or injury. The number of an accessible family member, your medical aid and bank, are some of the important contacts to include.

Copy all important documentation

Have a backup plan for stolen passports and IDs by making multiple copies of your important documentation. Keep them tucked into all hand and checked luggage.

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