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Change flight dates and times
Add extra bags, travel insurance,
pre-paid seats
Add extra bags, travel insurance,
pre-paid seats
Change flight dates and times
Please call our Contact Centre at 0861 KULULA (585852)

For changes to bookings made with other airlines please call our Contact Centre at 0861 KULULA (585852).

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Changes cannot be made online, please call our Contact Centre 0861 KULULA (585852).

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Lowest flight fares
One way including all taxes and 7kg hand luggage. More fare options available at time of booking. Ts & Cs Apply. from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Durbs from R540.84 R540.84one way incl. tax from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - George from R839.84 R839.84one way incl. tax from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Cape Town from R747.84 R747.84one way incl. tax from Durbs - Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only from R540.84 R540.84one way incl. tax
British Airways from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Durbs from R712.84 R712.84one way incl. tax
British Airways from Cape Town - East London from R735.84 R735.84one way incl. tax
British Airways from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - East London from R735.84 R735.84one way incl. tax
British Airways from East London - Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only from R735.84 R735.84one way incl. tax

kulula gold credit card

Earn kulula moolah to pay or part pay towards any other flights.

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Portable Electronic devices (PEDs) onboard

Portable Electronic devices (PEDs) onboard

Good news! you are now allowed to keep your portable electronic devices (PEDs) such as cell phones, laptops, tablets etc. switched on “Flight Mode” during all phases of your flight.

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The travel app

We are all about travelling smart: Download the kulula app for your peace of mind & convenience. With the kulula app, you can store all your trips, check-in, select a seat, view or share your travel info & download your e-boarding pass. Read more

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We’ve gone cashless

We’ve gone cashless onboard

We’ve introduced credit and debit card payments onboard. We will no longer accept cash as a form of payment for any of our menu items.

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Group booking tool

Group bookings tool

There’s an easier way for you to book for 10 or more people with our online group optimizer tool. Enjoy the convenience of doing everything online.

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