Bye bye credit card

Buy bye! - credit card - 23 August 2006

Introducing our new credit card. When you buy stuff on your credit card, you get kulula moolah back which you can use to fly on any kulula flight at any time. Here's our ad which explains all that in under 5 seconds.

We wondered what will happen if you mix an airline with a credit card and add a bit of music. You get a whole bunch of people doing our latest dance. check it outbelow.

Buy bye - 40" and 15" ads

Meet Elmarie, our favourite hostie. In her spare time, she sells seashells at the seashore, no not really. But she does know a lot about our new credit card and if you spend some time at the flicks, you'll see her on the big screen.

My name is Elmarie - 40" cinema