CHOC & the Cow parade

Our relationship with the CHOC (Children's Haematology Oncology Clinic) Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa started in 2005. With our fans support (that's you) we've been able to provide these CHOC kiddies with some more sunshine and smiles.

CHOC is dedicated to improving the welfare and quality of care for children who suffer from all varieties of cancer or life threatening blood disorders. Not only is the organisation dedicated to providing direct practical help to all children with cancer (from diagnosis onwards), but they also recognise the inevitable disruption to family life when a child faces vigorous and often lengthy treatment.

All the funds raised over the years were used to directly benefit the children and their families, as well as those involved in their treatment. Thanks so much for your generous donations!

We collected heaps of money on your behalf in 2006 that went towards the very deserving kiddies at CHOC. In total we collected in excess of R136 410.

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Our kulula fans helped us raise over 1 million Rand

Most of our brave CHOC kids leave the hospital in pretty good shape, but they must, must, must return for follow-up treatments or check-ups if they are to be cured. Transport is a major problem in South Africa, and even though CHOC tries to assist these kiddies through the CHOC Transport Fund, they still need help. Our goal was to raise R80,000 so that all the CHOC kiddies could afford to make the trip back to the hospital for their much needed check-ups and life-saving treatments.

But thanks to our fans' hearts of gold and generous pockets, we reached our target in no time at all! And to help even more, we matched rand for rand what you donated.

Cow parade

In 2005 we managed to raise money through the cow parade which was a great success.

We are firm believers of 'what goes around, comes around,’ that's why we jumped at the opportunity to become one of the sponsors of Cow Parade South Africa, which is an art exhibition that raises funds for children with childhood cancer.

Through its involvement with Cow Parade, we managed to raise over R1-million for the Children's Haematology Oncology Clinic (CHOC). Gidon Novick, Commercial Director at the time, proudly handed over a cheque to CHOC chairman Lawrence Boyle which was made up of sponsors and donations at's Cow Parade finale, which was held in Sandton City in May, 2005.

The money was raised by selling Cow Parade pins and cow shaped choclates onboard while we also donated R1 to CHOC for every online booking that was made between 01 October 2004 and 01 May 2005. Our generous fans also helped raise this amount by filling our cash cow and Cow Parade tins, which also contributed to this hefty amount.

We got into the spirit of things and became the first airline in the world to dedicate an entire aircraft from its fleet to this initiative, by painting one of our planes with a special Cow Parade design, which went by the name of 'da udder plane' which went on to become extremely popular among our fans.

All 70 cows that were purchased by a number of sponsors, including, were auctioned off. The auction was a huge success, and over R1-million rand was raised.

One of the celebrities at the event, Jooste Van Der Westhuizen, could not resist bidding for one of the cows on auction, which ironically was the Springbok cow wearing a rugby jersey. Thanks Jooste for giving him a new place to graze!

Our Brand Manager, Nadine Prinsloo, was moooved by the auctioning experience and could not resist bidding for two of our cows, who found a new home at our operation building in Jo'burg.