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One way including all taxes & free 20kg bag.

*A limited number of seats are made available at these prices. Fares are subject to availability.

Domestic flights between
from Lanseria - Durbs from R403.36 R403.36one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Durbs from R409.61 R409.61one way incl. tax
from Durbs - Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only from R409.61 R409.61one way incl. tax
from Durbs - Lanseria from R421.11 R421.11one way incl. tax
from Cape Town - Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only from R490.11 R490.11one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Cape Town from R490.11 R490.11one way incl. tax
from East London - Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only from R524.61 R524.61one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - East London from R524.61 R524.61one way incl. tax
from Lanseria - Cape Town from R575.86 R575.86one way incl. tax
from Cape Town - Lanseria from R593.61 R593.61one way incl. tax
from Cape Town - Durbs from R674.11 R674.11one way incl. tax
from Durbs - Cape Town from R674.11 R674.11one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - George from R697.11 R697.11one way incl. tax
from George - Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only from R697.11 R697.11one way incl. tax

British Airways (operated by Comair) 

One way including all taxes & free 20kg bag

British Airways

The lowest available flight fares are displayed below and may fluctuate due to the Rand/Dollar exchange rate at the time of booking.
*Fares and seats are subject to availability.

Domestic flights between
Traveller (economy class)
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Durbs from R734.11 R734.11one way incl. tax
from Durbs - Port Elizabeth from R833.61 R833.61one way incl. tax
from Durbs - Cape Town from R849.61 R849.61one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Port Elizabeth from R887.61 R887.61one way incl. tax
from Port Elizabeth - Cape Town from R956.61 R956.61one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Cape Town from R1 012.11 R1 012.11one way incl. tax
Southern Africa flights between **
Traveller (economy class)
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Livingstone from R1 462.93 R1 462.93one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Vic Falls from R1 552.93 R1 552.93one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Windhoek from R2 122.43 R2 122.43one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Harare from R2 154.93 R2 154.93one way incl. tax
from Jo'burg O.R. Tambo only - Mauritius from R4 090.93 R4 090.93one way incl. tax

Flight legal stuff

  • When various people are simultaneously viewing the same booking fare online, the first person to complete payment will be allocated that fare. Your booking is not guaranteed until payment has been confirmed
  • Fares are divided into different fare classes depending on the demand for a flight. The earlier you book, the lower the fare. The more bookings made for a particular flight, the higher the fare class and fares applicable to the booking. Depending on the flight and demand, pricing may differ according to the date and time of travel
  • British Airways (operated by Comair) fares are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and Traveller (economy) class terms and conditions apply
  • Don't forget, if you miss the first leg of your flight, your return journey will automatically be cancelled. Please ensure that you confirm with us that you still want to utilise the return flight since that leg of the journey will automatically be cancelled and no refunds will be due
  • If you choose to book via the Contact Centre or a Travel Agent, please note that additional fees and surcharges will apply