Discovery Vitality domestic and regional flights

How you save

The discount will apply to the base fare, VAT and YQI (Carrier Imposed Fuel Fee) for all and British Airways (Operated by Comair) domestic and regional routes. Savings only apply to Vitality members, non-members travelling with Vitality members do not qualify for Vitality savings.

Your Discovery Vitality domestic and regional flight savings

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Booking for dependents

Children under 12 can benefit from Discovery Vitality discounts if they are booked together with an adult on the same Vitality profile. If a parent and child are booked together, both will benefit from the Discovery Vitality discount.

The child's booking will not benefit from the Vitality discount if:

  • A child booking has been added after the booking has been confirmed
  • The adult booking and the child's booking are on different Vitality membership numbers

Therefore, if you are a Discovery Vitality member with your child as a dependent and your child is travelling with another adult, even if that adult is a Vitality member, your child will not receive a Vitality discount.

A child under the age of 12 cannot fly alone on kulula. For an unaccompanied minor to benefit from the Vitality discount you can book them on a British Airways (operated by Comair) flight by calling Vitality Travel on 011 921 0490.

Important notice: If you’re travelling to or from South Africa with a minor (younger than 18 years of age) from 1 June 2015, you’ll need to produce an unabridged birth certificate (and possibly some additional documentation) for the child. Learn more on this new Immigration regulation on unabridged birth certificates here.

Changes and cancellations

  • For flight bookings, go to the ‘manage my booking’ tab
  • For British Airways (operated by Comair) bookings, visit
  • Name changes are not permitted
  • Vitality discounts do not apply to change fees

If a Discovery Vitality member decides to book offline with Vitality Travel a service fee will be charged over and above Discovery booking fee.

Terms and conditions

  • A variable Discovery booking fee applies to domestic and regional flights on British Airways (operated by Comair) and flights booked using the Vitality benefit. This fee is charged on each ticket you book, and both adults and children are charged separately. The fee does not apply to infants under 2 years of age. The Discovery booking fee for domestic and regional flights will vary depending on the date of booking vs date of departure:
    • If a booking is made 21 days or more prior to the departure date, a booking fee of R55 applies.
    • If the booking is made between 7 and 20 days before the departure date, a booking fee of R80 applies. (Unless your Vitality saving is less than R80, in which case we will lower the booking fee to R55)
    • If a booking is made less than 7 days before the departure date, a booking fee of R99 applies. (Unless your Vitality saving is less than R99, in which case we will lower the booking fee to either R80 or R55)
  • If you join Vitality more than three months after joining Discovery Health, Discovery Life or Group Life, there is a waiting period of three months before you can use Vitality travel benefits.
  • Members are entitled to travel on any domestic or regional flight at any time, and are limited to a total of three domestic or regional return flights (or 6 domestic or regional one-way flights) in a year, qualifying for a saving of up to 35% based on the members Vitality Health Status at the time of making the booking. This includes flights on our special rates and sales. After this, you will receive a flat 10% saving on an unlimited number of domestic or regional flights. If you have already used your maximum travel saving of up to 35% off on five flights and you then book a return flight, the first flight of the return flight will qualify for the maximum saving. You will then receive a flat 10% saving on the second flight.
  • Annual usage will be deducted by the type of qualifying discounts applied. Where there is a combination of Vitality Health and Vitality Money discounts applied to a flight booking, the usage will be deducted from both Vitality Health and from Vitality Money, respectively.

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