FAQ - Baggage and extra bags

How many free bags am I allowed to check-in?

Included in the purchase of your ticket, the free baggage allowance is one bag per person not weighing more than 20kg with maximum dimensions of 90 x 75 x 43cm. Infants have the same allowance plus a collapsible pushchair and baby car seat.

What baggage can I take onboard with me?

You can take one bag not weighing more than 7kg with dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23cm, as well as a handbag or laptop bag.

What if I need more bags than the one free checked bag allowance?

You can buy extra bags of 20kg online at a discounted rate of R320 each when booking your flight. If you decide to buy extra bags after you’ve booked, make sure you do so no later than 2 hours before flight departure. Go to the ‘add extras’ page online or call our Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852).

When, where and how would I require extra bags?

It helps to think ahead when travelling. Are you going to do a lot of shopping at your destination? Will you be bringing gifts or items back home with you? You’ll save by buying extra bags up front and avoid paying a heavy bag charge at the airport if your bag weighs more than 20kg.

Family travel tip: Buy an extra bag for the whole family to pack in those extra bits like books, toys, and things that won’t fit into your free baggage allowance to avoid paying excess charges at the airport.

Can I buy extra bags at the airport?

Yes. Buying extra bags at the airport will cost you R385 per bag.

What if I pack more than 20kg in my ‘free’ bag?

If your bag weighs more than 20kg , you will be charged a R330 heavy bag fee at the airport. Bags weighing more than 32kg cannot be accepted and you will have to send it by cargo.

Travel tip: Purchase an ‘extra bag’ in advance at R320 for a 20kg bag to avoid paying the heavy bag charge for only a few kilograms more.

Can I still add extra bags after I’ve booked?

Yes, extra bags may be added at a cost of R320 per bag, online using ‘manage my booking’ up to two hours prior to flight departure or by calling our Contact Centre 0861 KULULA (585852).

Can I get a refund for extra baggage paid for?

Extra bags are only refundable up to 2 hours prior to flight departure. After you’ve checked in, refunds cannot be made. If you no longer require your extra bag, call our Contact Centre (more than two hours prior departure) to cancel and to request your refund.

What if my bag is bigger than the permitted dimensions?

If your bag is larger than the permitted dimensions then you will have to send it as cargo. Exceptions are made for musical instruments, mobility aids and dialysis machines up to 45kg and not exceeding 190cm X 75cm X 65cm, if you notify us at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Can I take sports equipment or musical instruments?

Yes, if your bicycle, surfboard, skis, etc. or musical instrument can be carried as part of your free baggage allowance of one bag up to 20kg. If the combined weight of your equipment and baggage weighs more than 20kg and/or if you need to carry your equipment in a separate bag, then you will need to buy an extra bag. For more information, please refer to ‘extra bags’.

Can I pack my wedding dress and cake (fragile items)?

We do not have the capacity and space onboard for very fragile items that require special care. However, certain items that are packed into a suitable protective container to avoid spoilage and conforms to the specified dimensions and weight may be transported as checked baggage. Please note that while we will label your item as ‘fragile’ we are not liable if your item is spoiled in transportation.

Can I share my free checked baggage allowance with another passenger with less or no baggage?

Airline legislation requires that each passenger’s bag is reflected against their name on the passenger list. A family can share a bag but each bag cannot exceed the free weight allowance per passenger e..g..- a family of 4 will each have 1 x bag up to 20kg on kulula, this can’t be 80kg divided up between the party as a way to increase anyone’s allowance; this family can’t check-in 2 bags of 30kg so that they only carry 2 bags instead of 4. They can pack 3 bags @ 20kg OR 2 bags @ 20kg plus 2 bags @ 10kg. The principle is simply; 1 bag each weighing not more than 20kg. Extra bags can be purchased if this allowance is insufficient, see ‘extra bags’ above for more info.

Why is kulula so strict with the baggage allowance?

Space and weight play a big role in the operational costs of an airline. We strive to deliver operational efficiency in order to continue to offer you the best prices possible, to do this we have to be stringent for the sake of the airline and our customers.

We provide a free baggage allowance with your flight ticket purchase but you are most welcome to bring extra bags if required. For best value for money, buy extra bags at the discounted rate prior to travel. Refer to ‘extra bags’ above for further info.

Why do I have to pay for an extra bag, why can’t I just pay per extra kilogram?

Extra pieces or weight are charged on a flat rate basis, a method that provides better efficiency at the airport due to a quick and simple payment process.

May I take my hamster or snake?

Simply call 011 230 4600 or email info@petlounge.co.za to arrange the transportation of your pet at least 48 hours prior to departure. They will be transported through Dedicated Holding Areas and have access to Pet Lounges (only available in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Port Elizabeth is currently under construction) specially designed for their comfort and safety. For more info. on these facilities, visit www.petlounge.co.za

May I take meat or fish onboard?

Yes, provided it is sealed and protected and transported as part of your maximum hand luggage allowance of one piece at no more than 7kg. Dimensions must be no more than 56 x 36 x 23cm. A cooler box is recommended.

May I travel with a firearm?

No, guns, firearms or any other devices that discharge projectiles cannot be accepted for carriage on our aircraft.

Why does baggage sometimes get put onto later flights?

Sometimes a certain amount of luggage has to be offloaded from the aircraft due to weight restrictions for these reasons:

  • Weather conditions such as wind direction, heat or rain at the departure or arrival station
  • If additional fuel must be carried
  • Shorter runways can contribute to weight restrictions

In these situations baggage will be transferred to later flights and delivered to your physical address.