FAQ - kulula.com and Comair

how does kulula.com fit within Comair?

Comair Limited is the parent company of two local brands, kulula.com and British Airways Domestic and Regional. It's listed on the stock exchange and has been in operation for more than 65 years and is one of South Africa's longest running airlines - wow!

how safe are our planes?

Afraid of flying? No worries, the safety and security of our travellers is our main priority. Our aircraft go through the most stringent safety checks and are maintained by Africa's leading narrow body aircraft maintenance team called Safair. We've also got an IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) accreditation.

what training do we give our staff?

All our staff, both cabin crew and airport staff, undergo a vigorous training program which is done in-house by our qualified trainers. Their training ranges from CPR to Emergency Procedures training - impressive, hey!

I want to advertise in the khuluma (in-flight magazine), what do I do?

Great! To book your ad call Picasso media they’ll be happy to help you.

Account Manager 
Richard White 
021 469 2400 / 021 469 2542 

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