FAQ - kulula moolah

What is kulula moolah and how do I earn more?

If you have a kulula credit card you will earn kulula moolah every time you swipe your card. kulula moolah is converted to flight credits and deposited in a travel bank account for you on a daily basis. You’re then able to pay / part pay for any kulula flight using travel bank.

kulula moolah (R1 kulula moolah = R1) for every flight booked with kulula.com

The more you shop, the quicker you'll be able to score free tickets! Of course you can always use your kulula moolah to part pay for your ticket, and the best part is you'll still be able to earn kulula moolah even when you make a part payment (just as long as the fare per sector is more than R200.

How will a kulula.com credit card help me to earn kulula moolah?

kulula.com credit card is issued, owned, financed and administered by FirstRand Bank Limited. Company Reg.No.1929/001225/06. An Authorised Financial Services and Registered Credit Provider. (NCRCP20)

Yes definitely, if you have a kulula credit card and your card number starts with 4303 this means that you will benefit from the following:

  • Double rewards when you pay for kulula.com flight bookings with your kulula credit card!!
  • Credit card rewards (up to 3% back in kulula moolah) on all monthly purchases.
  • A R200 kulula moolah activation reward if you spend R1000 in the first month of receiving your kulula credit card.
  • 5Kg Extra checked baggage allowance.
  • Up to 55 days interest free credit.
  • Withdraw cash at 745,000 ATMs world wide.
  • Easy shopping at 22 million shops world wide.
  • Free global travel insurance when you pay for your ticket in full with your card.
  • Exclusive promotions.
  • The "heads up" on the amazing kulula sales!
  • And there is still more to come...

How much kulula moolah will I earn on my monthly credit card spend?

kulula moolah credit card reward table:
R0 - R5,000 = 3% back in kulula moolah
R5,001 - R10,000 = 2% back in kulula moolah
R10,001 - R20,000 = 1% back in kulula moolah

Note: The maximum amount of spend you can earn kulula moolah on is R20 000

Does everyone who has a kulula credit card earn kulula moolah on their monthly kulula credit card spend?

No, some of our kulula credit cardholders have a hybrid product which does not attract kulula moolah rewards on their monthly credit card spend; these cardholders credit card numbers start with 4222.

No kulula moolah is paid to kulula credit cardholders whose accounts are in arrears.

How can I apply for a kulula.com credit card so that I can start jetsetting for free?

Online at www.kulula.com, by selecting the link Apply online now; (under the kulula credit card section) you'll find an application form to complete and submit.

You can also call the kulula card Contact Centre on: 0860 MOOLAH (666524).

I'm a Discovery Vitality member and qualify for a discount when I book, can I still earn/burn kulula moolah?

Absolutely! Just make sure you login as a Discovery Vitality member and pay using a travel bank. 

Vitality members are entitled to the following Vitality discounts when they book a domestic flight on kulula.com:

  • Blue – 15%
  • Bronze – 20%
  • Silver – 25%
  • Gold – 30%
  • Diamond – 35%

How many travel bank accounts can I have?

Only ONE in your personal capacity.

Am I the only one who can use my kulula moolah rewards from shopping?

No, you can login to your kulula ID and make a booking for anyone you choose to; then at payment time you can choose how much kulula moolah you want to burn through paying with travel bank – this means that you can pay for a portion of the ticket with kulula moolah and the rest in cash or by credit card, or you can pay for it in full.

Can I use my kulula moolah for car hire, accommodation or to buy food on a flight?

No, at this stage it can only be used as payment (part or full) towards a flight with kulula.com, flight changes including the admin fee but not towards any flight extras.

Where do I login to pay using travel bank?

If a travel bank account has been created for you you’ll login under kulula ID and select your flights. travel bank will appear as a payment option and you can pay using your credit card rewards.

My friend/spouse/partner and I are registered jetsetters, we both have kulula moolah. How do we book?

kulula moolah and travel bank accounts cannot be pooled, you will each have to book separately in order to burn your kulula moolah.

I have forgotten/lost my username and password. Can you help?

Yes, there is a "Lost Password" facility on the kulula.com website. Click here and follow the instructions to retrieve your password.

If you're stuck you can always call the Contact Centre where an agent will follow the verification process and will send the new details to you. Call the Contact Centre for help on 0861 KULULA (585852)

I have a travel bank account but forgot to login prior to making my booking. Can I claim my money from travel bank?

Unfortunately not. For future bookings always remember to login with your username and password.

Do my kulula moolah rewards expire?

Yes, the kulula moolah earned on your credit card spend (credit card rewards) is valid for 6 months.

My travel bank account is locked and I am unable to access my kulula moolah?

Call the Contact Centre for help on 0861 KULULA (585852) - we’ll look into what’s happened to your account.