FAQs on flight and bag cover

When does my cover start?

  • You’re covered for any domestic flights from the date you purchased your insurance
  • Cover for flight interruption starts the moment you exit the airport of arrival
  • Cover for personal accident, checked baggage & valuables start when you enter the airport to begin your journey

How do I claim?

Complete the claim form and submit together with the supporting documents stipulated in the policy to kululaclaims@chubb.com. To have the claims form sent to you call Chubb Travel Insurance (0861 223 467).

Am I covered for flight changes?

Yes. To make any flight changes call our Contact Centre 0861 KULULA (585852) to ensure you are still covered and that the policy reflects the new flight details.

When does an excess apply?

An excess of R250 for loss, damage or theft of checked baggage and valuables applies.

Is there an age limit for cover?

There is a minimum age of 2 years old for flight & bag cover.

When is the latest I can purchase my insurance?

You can do so online at time of booking or add it later as long as it’s within 2 hours of flight departure. Please note: Flight and bag cover is not available for British Airways (operated by Comair) flights. Visit www.ba.com to add extras to your flight.

Am I covered for business travel?


How do I pay my premium?

Once you've selected the flight and bag cover option online your insurance premium is collected together with your ticket price. Payments for travel insurance cannot be made using Travel bank. Discovery Vitality members may use their loyalty points for payment if they are logged in on kulula.com. If you are adding flight and bag cover after a kulula flight confirmation, then payment may be made by credit card or cheque card.

How will I receive my policy documents?

Policy documents will be received at the email address that you used to make your booking with.

What if I do not receive my policy documents after I have purchased a policy?

If you’ve purchased the policy, you are covered regardless of receiving the policy documents or not. Call the Chubb customer department (0861 223 467) to have your documents resent.

What is the complaints procedure?

A claim form, completed and signed by the insured person, copies of the airline booking confirmation, the travel insurance policy schedule, and the specified documents for the different types of losses must be submitted.

What documents must be supplied?

  • flight cancellations
  • Proof of travel (airline confirmation invoice / flight booking confirmation)
  • Cancellation invoice or letter confirming no refund is due

Depending on the circumstances of the claim one of the following:

  • Medical certificate which We will supply for the appropriate doctor to complete;
  • An official letter confirming the need for you to remain in your Departure City; or
  • Police report
  • Checked baggage & valuables
  • Loss or theft – police report
  • Loss, theft or damage by an airline – Property Irregularity Report, baggage check tags
  • Proof of travel (confirmation invoice / flight booking confirmation)
  • Proof of value and ownership for items exceeding the value of R1,000.00
  • Invoices for replacement items purchased
  • Official letter from the public transport provider (scheduled bus, coach or rail services)
  • Report from the vehicle repairer or breakdown assistance provider
  • Proof of your original unused event ticket

Travel delay

  • Proof of travel (confirmation invoice or flight booking confirmation)
  • An official letter from the airline confirming the cause and length of the delay
  • Personal accident
  • Proof of travel (confirmation invoice / flight booking confirmation)
  • A copy of the relevant medical reports
  • Chubb will request further information based on the circumstances of the accident and information supplied

Contact Chubb

Tel: 0860 223 252 Email: kulula.claims@chubb.com
Address: Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited, Claims Department, PO Box 1192, Saxonwold, 2132

Customer service
If you’ve experienced any service issues, call the Chubb customer department (0861 223 467) or email chubbtravel-sa@Chubb.com.

The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance (OSTI) is available for advice or complaints in respect of claims or other matters which have not been satisfactorily resolved. The OSTI can be contacted by telephone +27 [0]11 726 8900, fax +27 [0]11 726 5501, or e-mail info@osti.co.za.