Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019 bike transport procedures

Attention all pedal fans! As we hurtle towards the starting line of the 2019 Cape Town Cycle Tour, we ask you to familiarise yourself with the procedures below to ensure that your bike gets to Cape Town safely and timeously for the race.

Fly with your wheels!

We've made changes to our normal process to make things a little easier for you. Call 0861 KULULA (585852) to book and pay for the transportation of your bike.

This is how you get your bike to Cape Town and back safely & timeously before the 10 March 2019


To book

Call 0861 KULULA (585852)
daily between 7am-7pm to pay the bike handling fee
Bike handling fee

R350 incl. vat
per bike, per flight

The bike handling fee before your flight departure or bike drop-off date (credit card payments only)

Once payment has been received, a bike handling fee receipt will be emailed to you. This will serve as proof of payment and must be presented when fetching or dropping off your bike. Scroll down further below to download the bike transport procedures for the relevant airport.

Important info for all riders


  • A maximum of 20 bikes will be accepted per flight and must be booked via the kulula Contact Centre. No bikes will be accepted on the day of travel at the Airport without prior booking through the kulula Contact Centre.
  • Any customer who fails to pre-book their bike via the kulula Contact Centre will be referred to BidAir Cargo and be charged the relevant handling fee.
  • All bikes will be processed at the Airport check-in desk, bike drop-off will be at demarcated area (depending on your airport) which will be pointed out to you to by the check-in agent.
  • Your bike handling fee receipt will be sent via email and must be presented on the day of travel for arrival or departure.
  • We recommend you place your bike on your private insurance.

At bike drop-off or collection, you must produce your:

  • Flight booking confirmation or reference number,
  • Bike handling fee receipt received via email,
  • Valid proof of identity (your ID, Passport or driver’s licence),
  • You will receive a limited release tag that must be signed by you. This states that Comair does not take responsibility for any loss or damage to your bike whilst in our care.

How to pack your bike

To ensure that your bike is delivered in perfect condition, please take special note of the following packing procedures:

  • Please do not lock or seal your bicycle box or bag until after you have checked in to ensure that your bike bag or box can be accessed for security checks prior to acceptance
  • The seat must be fully lowered
  • Turn the handlebars parallel to the frame
  • Leave the front wheel attached
  • Remove or turn the pedals inwards
  • Deflate your tyres (please do not inflate with nitrogen as they will not be accepted for carriage on the flight
  • Your bike must be placed in a bike bag or box, or wrapped in bubble wrap.

Check in the following:

  • Bike inflation pumps filled with division 2.2 Carbon Dioxide non-flammable gas will be accepted for transportation as checked baggage only. The maximum amount per customer is limited to four 16 grams cartridges. Cartridges larger than 16 grams will not be permitted for carriage. Please declare this when checking in for your flight
  • Wheel bags cannot be carried as hand luggage and need to be checked in as checked baggage. The standard checked baggage allowance will apply. Should an extra baggage fee need to be applied, you can either pay R290 online or R385 at the airport. Learn more on our baggage policy
  • Spare wheels need to be packed properly before they are checked in. At check-in, the spare wheels will be tagged with a limited release tag

You can carry the following in your hand baggage

  • Speedometers and any other electronic equipment removed from your bike. View our hand luggage allowances here

Did you know?

Non-compliance with the procedures will mean your bike will not be permitted for carriage
Under no circumstances will bikes be released to friends or family members
Bikes will not be accepted at the Check-in on the day of travel without prior booking via our Contact Centre

Should you be flying from East London or George International Airport, please call our Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852) to make arrangements for the transportation of your bike.

Click on the relevant link below to download the applicable bike transport procedures from your point of departure:

Should you be flying from East London or George International Airport, please call our Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852) to make arrangements for the transportation of your bike.