What to bring for check in

Please note that only the below forms of identification will be accepted:

  • Valid government-issued ID book/Smart Card
  • South African driver’s licence
  • Valid passport required for all regional/international travel or an Emergency travel certificate issued by the South African Department of Home Affairs
  • Valid passport and unabridged birth certificates are required by all children/minors under 18 for regional/international travel (refer to AOI 16/2015)
  • Airline employment card (rebate travel)
  • Asylum-seeker documentation – we accept asylum papers where positive identification is provided with such papers (only original government-stamped documentation will be accepted)
  • Refugee documentation with original government-stamped documentation 

Additional means of identification

In emergency cases, an original certified copy of the ID (green book) or Smart Card, with photo clearly identifying the person may be accepted.