Where to check-in

Get there early! Take note of the check-in times for your local or international flights.

  • Check-in opens 90 mins before your flight and closes 45 minutes before take-off for local flights. For British Airways (operated by Comair) local and international flights, check-in closes 45 minutes prior to departure.
  • For international flights check-in opens 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure and closes 60 minutes before take-off. For British Airways (operated by Comair) flights, check-in closes 45 minutes prior to departure.
  • Please bring along your valid South African ID book/Smart Card, South African driver’s licence or valid passport. A valid passport and unabridged birth certificates are required by all children/minors under 18 for regional/international travel (refer to AOI 16/2015). Learn more on acceptable forms of identification
  • Infants can be checked in using self-service or online check in and must be checked in at the airport counters

Avoid the queues at the airport: 

If standing in queues is not your style, we have made it much simpler and even more convenient for you to check-in 24 hours prior to flight departure on the kulula.com website and kulula app (free and easily downloadable). Furthermore, there are self-service machines at all major airports where you can check in and print your own boarding pass. The only catch is that these close 45 minutes prior to your departure time.

Check in online or check-in on-the-go using the kulula app.