We operate a fleet of New Generation (NG) Boeing 737s which is maintained to a high standard to ensure a safe and user-friendly environment for our customers.

The 737 NG is not only more fuel efficient, but also less harmful to the environment. In fact, these aeroplanes burn 7% less fuel than the 737 Classic airline fleet which we are in the final stages of phasing out. This aircraft also offers a higher seating capacity, lower operating cost and can be utilised more efficiently.

Using technology for better fuel efficiency:

Engine technology is the biggest fuel saver of our latest addition of the 737 to the fleet, which has enabled us to become the leading pioneers in the South African aviation industry, with regards to its carbon footprint from engine technology.

Our scimitar winglets reduce fuel burn; they increase the 737’s wing efficiency by reducing the drag the wing produces and we have been the leader in implementing this technology in South Africa. Various other initiatives have played a role in reducing our fuel burn such as the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) which has eliminated the need for books on the aircraft and saved weight. An additional benefit EFB provides is enabling pilots to carry less fuel because of quick access to accurate information. Carrying less fuel reduces the weight of the aircraft which also reduces fuel burn. Some of these initiatives only reduce the fuel burn by a small percentage but over a large amount of flights it becomes a large number.


Carbon reduction initiatives

We embarked on the following initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint:

Fuel efficient aircraft


The new generation B737-800 aircraft offer better performance and fuel efficiency, reduced noise on take-off and landing, and lower engine emissions.

Reduced weight for better fuel consumption

A programme to reduce weight onboard the aircraft such as: a paperless cockpit, less weight in the aircraft galleys, and less potable water carried onboard.

Continuous Descent Approach (CDA)

In conjunction with Air Traffic Control, we implemented an optimised method of descent designed to achieve better fuel efficiency and reduce the impact of noise.

Ground power units

As opposed to auxiliary power units at the stands and parking bays, the use of ground power units serve to reduce fuel consumption and noise.

Energy efficient light fittings and globes

Have reduced electricity consumption.

Reduced water consumption

Our Head Office and Operations Building uses borehole water and uncontrol lable water leakages and garden irrigation is monitored.

Our leading green fleet aircraft models

B737-800 (NG New Generation) with the scimitar winglet.with the
B737-400 (Classic). with the scimitar winglet and a few extras.

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Watch video footage of our new Boeing being built, as well as images from our air to shoot.

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