FAQ - Group Bookings

What is the minimum Group size?

10 or more people

I would like to make a group booking but I have less than 10 passengers, can I still request a quote?

Group quotes are given to a minimum of 10 passengers. If you have less than 10 passengers, please contact the call centre on 0861 58 58 52 or go to www.kulula.com

What are the benefits of booking through Group Optimizer?

  • Very easy to book
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Real time updates as you move through the booking process
  • Can view the status of your booking at any time
  • Be more in control of your booking
  • Control of your travel agencies user access
  • Transparency of payment deadlines
  • Ability to access reports for your Travel Agency
  • Help support function in Group Optimizer
  • Tailor made fares

How much do I have to pay for children and/or infant?

  • Children will pay same fare as an adult
  • Infant will pay 15% of the adult fare

Can I negotiate my quoted fare, and if so, how many times?

Yes, you can, but it must be done before you accept the quote.   You may only negotiate the quoted fare once.

I don’t always see the negotiate button. Why?

The negotiate option is not given on all flights due to seasonality and peak periods.

Can we return on different dates?

  • Yes, you can
  • When creating a request, you will need to make separate requests, providing you stick to the minimum of 10 passengers

Can I select more than one flight per direction in my request?

Yes, you can, you may select multiple flights per direction, and that gives us an opportunity to quote you on more than one flight as alternatives.

Can my whole group change their dates?

  • Yes, they can make changes on Group Optimizer before tickets are issued
  • After ticketing on G.O, you will need to contact the groups department to assist with flight changes on 011 9210 333

I've already made my booking; can I change my destination/flight change?

  • Yes, they can make changes on Group Optimizer before tickets are issued, and providing you stick to a minimum of 10 passengers.
  • After ticketing on GO, you will need to contact the groups department to assist with flight changes, on 011 921 0333

Can my group share the baggage allowance?

Each passenger must have their own bag, pooling is not allowed, and baggage allowance is as per terms and conditions

Can I pre-select specific seats for my groups?

Yes, seats may be purchased via www.kulula.com more than 24 hours prior to departure, and seats can be selected via on line check-in within 24 hours prior to departure.

Can I get a quote without baggage allowance?

All Kulula quotes/ tickets have normal baggage allowance. Extra bag charges are available via www.kulula.com

When and how much do I need to make the deposit/balance of payment?

This will be indicated in the terms and conditions when you accept a fare quote.

I made a booking, however I did not pay the deposit or make full payment within the stipulated time, can I get the same fare as I was previously quoted?

Unfortunately not, when the deadline is not met, your booking and fare will expire, and a new booking request will have to be made and new fares will be quoted as per availability on the flights.

Can I choose the currency I want to pay in?

Fares will be quoted in ZAR

Must I pay by EFT (Electronic Bank Transfer) or can I pay by Credit Card?

At this stage we only accept payment via EFT – however payment via credit card will be available in the future.

Can I cancel the entire Group booking?

Yes, you can, however group tickets are non-refundable per the terms and conditions.

Can I cancel part of my Group booking (down size)?

Yes, but maintain the minimum group size of 10.   The cancelled portion is non-refundable.

What time do the check-in counters open and close?

Check-in counters open 2 hours prior to departure and close 45min to departure, but we recommend groups arrive 2 hours prior to departure to complete check-in procedures.

What time does the online check-in open and close?

Online check-in via www.kulula.com 24 hours prior to departure, and closes 1 hour prior to departure.

Can I create my own users under my Travel Agency

  • Yes, you can.   Please select user details, add user and select appropriate user type in the drop down.
  • Travel Admin is considered a “super User” (with full access)
  • Travel Manager has access to create RQ, take payments, add names, issue tickets (moderate access)
  • Travel Employee can only make requests and view requests (limited access)

I am a Non- IATA Travel Agent, can I still use the Group Optimizer tool?

Yes, you can, please create your login under the Non-IATA option under our home page when registering.

I do not belong to a Travel Agency can I still use this tool?

Yes, you can, please select retail customer or others option on the home page when registering.

I have not registered on Group Optimizer, can I still use the tool or make a request any other way?

Everyone making a booking on kulula.com will be using the tool and needs to register on the home page under the applicable login type to be able to get a quote and make bookings.

Why am I not seeing emails?

They could be going to your junk mail or spam folder.

I’m getting too many emails can I stop them?

Yes, you can, by selecting edit (your profile or if you are the Travel Manager, you select the user or users you want to update, and untick the email boxes of those not required.  Please note that some emails remain automated and will still come to you.

Who can I contact if I have other enquiries which are not addressed in the FAQ?

Drop us an email at groupsadmin@kulula.com and we will get back to you.

What do all the icons and status’s mean when I look at my booking requests?

Status (travel agent view)


email trigger

New Request

New request submitted to airline. Airline has not yet responded with a quote.

The agent will receive an email acknowledging the request to the airline.

Fare Quoted

The airline has responded with a quote, and requires the agent to either accept or decline

The agent will receive an email advising that the airline has responded with a quote. Once accepted, the agent will receive an email acknowledging the acceptance.


Payment Pending

Payment is required. This status automatically appears once the quote has been accepted. Payment time limit is advised in the request/quote. This could be for the deposit or full payment, depending on the individual requests.

No email is sent out for this status.

Fund Verification

Payment has been made via EFT, and the request is now awaiting airline response to verify and acknowledge the funds.


The agent will receive an email, once the airline has acknowledged/verified the funds. (If the payment was a deposit, the status will change back to payment pending status, due to the balance required on the due date.)


Payment Completed

All payment has been made and acknowledged. The request has been paid in full.


No email is sent out for this status.

Guest Submitted

Agent has submitted passenger names.

The agent will receive an email acknowledging the submission of passenger names.


Ticket Issued

Agent has issued tickets for all passengers.

The agent will receive an email once tickets have been issued, with breakdown of passengers and cost.


Advance Paid

This status is displayed with some funds have been paid i.e. deposit, and then a split upsize/has taken place, and there is an associated request

No email is sent for this status

Request Closed

This status is displayed, when the agent has missed a time limit. Either deposit payment, full payment or names. The booking is cancelled in the airline system and the request is updated on GO as closed. Nothing more can be done with this request, and a new request needs to be submitted and the process needs to start again.


No email is sent out for this status.

Time Line Extension

This status will display when the agent has requested a time limit extension.

This will be sent to the airline for approval, and if airline approves, the status will change to what action is then required (payment/names)


The agent will receive an email once the airline has taken action on the time limit extension request.

Offer Declined

This status will display when the travel agent has declined a quote from the airline.

The agent will receive an email acknowledging the agents decline.

Request Rejected

This status will display when the airline has rejected a request made by a travel agent. This will not result in a quote.

The agent will receive an email indicating the airline has rejected the request.