What's what with travelling abroad & the Ebola virus


Are you intending on travelling internationally anytime soon? Because we’re always about safety first, it's quite important that you ensure you meet your destination's health requirements and restrictions when travelling abroad. With the outbreak of Ebola, several countries around the world have now put in place extra measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

kulula.com and British Airways (operated by Comair limited) urge all fans – especially those who have recently travelled to countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Congo and Nigeria – to be aware of any restrictions imposed by their intended travel destination.

If you've travelled to any of these countries in the last 2 months, you should check with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Centre website to confirm whether your travel destination has been affected.

You can also learn more on the Ebola virus through the World Health Organisation website.

Flying to Mauritius

The Passport and Immigration Office of Mauritius has declared that all foreign nationals who either reside in or have visited one or more of the under mentioned countries affected by the Ebola virus during the last 2 months prior to their departure to Mauritius, will currently not be allowed entry into Mauritius.

The countries are: Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Congo and Nigeria

Flying to South Africa

The South African Government has put in place a total travel ban for all non-South African citizens travelling from Ebola affected countries.

The affected countries are: Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria

South African citizens who wish to travel to the Ebola affected countries will be requested to delay their travel unless it is absolutely necessary for them to do so.

South African citizens returning from the Ebola affected countries will be subjected to a stricter screening process that is as follows:

  • Completing a comprehensive health questionnaire before being allowed entry back into the country.
  • If the comprehensive medical questionnaire and the temperature screening reveal something, they will have to subject themselves to a complete medical examination.