Missing window seats

You may be an aisle type of guy, an honourable middle seat holder, or simply catching a ride for the view out the window seat. If you’re the latter, you may find that “windows” aren’t what you always find when one airplane door closes.

This is because some of our aircraft have a sidewall with no window on either sides, which forms part of the actual manufacturing design.  When requesting a seat – be it an aisle, middle or window seat – you’re essentially selecting the physical location of the seat.  This means that there is a possibility that you could be seated at a window seat which does not have an actual window. This is referred to as a “missing window” which seatguru.com refers to as

“…areas of the plane where air ducts or wires are run behind the wall. When this is required, it is not possible to have a window in this location, so instead, a solid blank wall will be there instead.”

In engineer-speak, these areas of such an aircraft have the ducts come up from the lower section of the aircraft where the air-conditioning units are housed (standard worldwide) that carry the conditioned air up to the distribution duct in the ceiling and to the gasper air outlets above each passenger. While this is not a design configuration unique only to kulula as some models of Boeing or Airbus aircraft across the world are designed this way, there is no need to worry as not all our planes are built this way. If you’re checking in at our airport counters, you can ask the check-in agent to confirm whether the window seat you’ve selected or have been assigned to does have an actual window. You can also still select your preferred seat while you book your flight, when you visit “manage my booking” or when you check-in online or at our check-in counters at the airport.

So whatever seat you prefer, you can be sure of a comfortable flight as we’ve been voted the Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa in the 2016 Skytrax World Airline Awards where our onboard seat comfort was one of the criteria that ranked us the highest.