Seat selection

Choose a view of the clouds or a quick exit at the aisle by simply selecting a pre-paid seat from as little as R65 incl. VAT depending on your seat selection. There are different ways to secure your seat before flying:

  • Pre-paid seating – if you prefer to get comfy with some options that include extra legroom, book and pay for your preferred seat in advance up to 24 hours prior to your flight departure
  • Check-in seat selection – select a seat close to the ones you love within 24 hours prior to your flight departure using one of our self-service options online, the website, the kulula app or airport kiosk

Pre-paid seats

You can buy a seat online 24 hours or more prior to departure. Be assured that you’ll sit together with your friends or family by being the first to select your spot on the plane.

Pre-book your favourite seat from as little as R65 incl. VAT depending on your seat selection. Get more info on pre-paid seats.

Stretch Zone (Extra Legroom seats)

We’ve allocated some very special seats on our planes for our fans who like to stretch out when they fly. These seats are located in front of and behind the overwing emergency exit rows and come with added legroom for comfort.

Emergency exit row seating conditions

The exit row seats are situated at the emergency exit doors. You can purchase an emergency exit row seat when you make your booking or later via ‘manage my booking’ but you must comply with the below safety requirements:

  • You must be 16 years of age or older, able-bodied, willing and able to assist in the case of an emergency
  • You must be able to understand instructions in English
  • You must be free from any condition (physical or mental) that may prevent you from assisting in the case of an emergency
  • You must have the strength, mobility, and balance required to open the exit door
  • You must not be pregnant, disabled, visually impaired, elderly or require an extension seatbelt

Note: There is no self-service check in with emergency exit row seats. Please proceed to the check-in counter 90 minutes prior to departure.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in you being reassigned an alternative seat at the airport or onboard.

Check-in seat selection

You can select your perfect seat when you check-in online using the website, via the kulula app (which is easily downloadable for FREE) or at the airport check-in kiosks within 24 hours prior to departure.


Ready to select your seat? Check in online and proceed to the seat you fancy.