Pre-paid seats

Whether it's some extra legroom, or simply a view of the clouds you're looking for, you can select your favourite spot for a small fee. By choosing a window, front, aisle or even an exit row seat, you get to secure a seat to suit your needs as well as ensuring you sit close to family and friends before you even check-in.

Add a pre-paid seat:

  • for a small fee at the time of making your booking, add your preferred seat online or call our Contact Centre 0861 KULULA (585852) at least 24 hours before departure. Prices range from R60 to R130 (depending  on your seat selection)
  • or add your preferred seat to your existing kulula booking 24 hours prior to flight departure
  • Note: Your seat selection cannot be guaranteed as we reserve the right to change your seat at any time due to operational, safety or security reasons. In the event that we cannot provide you with the same or similar seat purchased, you will be entitled to a refund of the pre-paid seat price paid
  • Pre-paid seat prices are subject to change at any time and may be discounted in promotional offers available from time to time
Our standard seat at the back section of the plane
Our standard seat at the front section of the plane  

Stretch Zone
Includes extra legroom

Stretch Zone Exit
  • Includes extra legroom
  • Emergency exit row*
  • Seats do not recline 

Exit Row 
  • More space & comfort
  • Includes extra legroom
  • Emergency exit row*
  • Some seats may not recline 

Front Exit Row 
  • First off plane
  • Includes extra legroom
  • Emergency exit row* 

*Emergency exit row seats have safety condition requirements for safety reasons and some seats may not recline. You can download an overview of our pre-paid seat infographic. It is important to read the terms and conditions relating to the pre-paid seats. * Requires a PDF reader.Get Adobe Reader

Adding a pre-paid seat to your booking

Select your preferred seat from R60 incl. VAT depending on your seat selection when making your booking. You'll be sitting in your favourite spot or as far away from your boss as you'd like.

If you’ve already booked a flight and you would like to add pre-paid seats to your booking, please visit our 'manage booking' page or go straight to add extras.

Add pre-paid seat


  • Even if you have purchased a pre-paid seat, you'll need to check-in, either online within 24 hours of flight departure or at the airport 90 minutes before flight departure.
  • Self-service check-in is not available for travellers in emergency exit row seats. Please proceed to the check-in counter 90 minutes prior to departure.
  • Pre-paid seats are non-refundable in the event of flight cancellation but may be transferred to a new flight booking subject to availability. To make a change to your selection after payment has been made, please call our Contact Centre 0861 KULULA (585852).

Emergency exit row seat conditions

An emergency exit row seat has extra legroom which is great, but with it come great responsibility.

emergency exit row seat conditions