Be among the first to board; jump the boarding queue and get comfy before take-off.


Tired of long boarding queues at the airport? Good news! Q-Jump allows you to fast track your flight boarding process at a small fee; putting you among the first in line to board the plane at the Q-Jump queue. Less queueing means less stress before flight departure.

Why Q-Jump is awesome

  • Be among the first to board the aircraft or board the first bus to the aircraft, (if applicable)
  • Be among the first to access the hand-luggage stowage on-board
  • Checked bags and any ‘extra bags’ purchased are tagged with exclusive Q-Jump bag tags at check-in for identification 
  • Q-Jump checked bags are among the first to be offloaded at your destination airport

 *Q-Jump is subject to availability.

How to add Q-Jump?

Online - add Q-Jump during the booking process, or add it later up to 24 hours before flight departure through ‘Manage my booking’.

Contact Centre - call our friendly staff on 0861 KULULA (585852).

At the Airport – kulula Ticket Sales Desks up to 2 hours before flight departure (subject to availability).

Note: Q-Jump is subject to availability due to the limited number allocated per flight.

How Q-Jump works?



  • You must arrive at the boarding gate on time before flight boarding time to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of Q-Jump.
  • Go to the ‘Q-Jump’ boarding queue and be ready to present your boarding pass which will display the text ‘QJUMP’ printed during your check-in process.
  • If you arrive at the boarding gate on time, you may then enjoy the luxury of skipping the long boarding queue and being among the first to either board the aircraft or board the first bus to aircraft. Note: bussing to your aircraft may be applicable according to the airport of departure or aircraft location.
  • Q-Jump customers arriving on time for boarding may be among the first to access the overhead hand - luggage stowage on-board.
  • If you do not arrive at the boarding gate prior to flight boarding, you may still skip the long queue by presenting your boarding pass at the boarding gate but you may not be the first to board the aircraft or have first access to overhead hand-luggage stowage.

Checked Baggage

  • Your baggage and any ‘extra bags’ purchased will have a Q-Jump bag tag to identify it and to ensure your baggage is among the first to be offloaded at your destination airport.
  • Should you check-in online or via mobi check-in your bags will be tagged at the ‘bag drop’ when you present your Q-Jump boarding pass.
  • Note: there is no fee differentiation should you opt not to carry checked baggage. It is important to read the terms and conditions relating to the Q-Jump product.