Special assistance

It’s important that every flight is a pleasurable one, so we’re happy to go the extra mile to ensure your journey runs smoothly. Should you need wheelchair or any special assistance, make your booking online and then call our Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852) Monday to Sunday 07h00 – 19h00, and at least 48 hours prior to your flight to make arrangements.

Please note special needs customers cannot be pre-seated. Instead, they can expect extra-royal treatment as this is arranged at the check-in counter.

Note: Please keep in mind though that, should the CAA safety quota be reached, we may need to change the customer’s flight to an alternative one to ensure that we comply with the required safety regulations.


Wheelchair assistance can be requested through our Contact Centre at least 24 hours prior to your flight, who’ll confirm availability and make the booking. Once confirmed, passengers can be collected from the check-in counters. Wheelchair passengers will also need to check-in atleast 90 minutes prior to departure on domestic flights and 3 hrs prior to departure on international flights.

We also offer a Passenger Aid Unit (PAU) service for all paraplegic and quadriplegic fans who have their own wheelchairs. Paraplegic and quadriplegics who are completely immobile may need to provide their own body straps. Should you need any assistance such as eating or to the rest room, you will need to travel with a self-supplied escort. Note that we cannot accept stretcher cases.

A wheelchair can be provided in the case where the passenger can’t ascend/descend steps but can make his/her own way to and from the cabin seat but cannot manage long distances.

Keep in mind that for safety reasons, wheelchair assistance will only be available from the kulula.com check-in counters to the aircraft as well as from the aircraft to the arrival hall upon landing, and not outside the airport building. Passengers may then be welcomed by friends or family at the drop-and-go.

Customers taking their own personal electric wheelchair are permitted wet or dry battery cells and will need to follow the following procedures;

  • Arrange a wheelchair ahead of time with our Contact Centre
  • Customers must ensure there are no leaks
  • The terminals must be isolated
  • Batteries must be disconnected
  • Customers must clearly label their batteries “wet” or “dry”
  • Customers must proceed to check-in counters and check in battery with luggage
  • Passengers must check-in their own wheelchairs and batteries, and subject to availability

Exploring new frontiers and need help to get started or carry bags? Our meet-and-assist service is there to help our fans get around, who are not familiar with airport operations.

Our meet-and-assist is available to elderly travellers. Call our Contact Centre 0861 KULULA (585852) to confirm availability and make the booking. Once you’ve checked in, we will take you to the designated waiting area. From there, you'll be escorted to the aircraft and our fab crew who’ll do their best to make your flight comfortable. Upon arrival, we’ll assist you to your welcoming party.

There is no service available for unaccompanied minors on kulula.com flights. Infants and Children must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or older.

Visually impaired

For our visually impaired travellers, we are more than happy to have your trusted guide dog fly with you. They can be carried free of charge subject to availability, but will not have a seat.  Please call our Contact Centre ahead of time to have this arranged.

All passengers accompanied by a fully trained guide dog in the cabin next to them will require a certificate to be taken with them to the check-in counter for the guide dog.
Passengers who are both visually and hearing impaired must travel with a self-supplied escort.

Hearing impaired

Hearing impaired customers will be assisted from the check-in counter to and from the aircraft, once pre-arranged with our Contact Centre.

Pregnant travellers

Soon to be super-moms from 28 weeks pregnant are required to bring along a medical certificate from a doctor or midwife confirming the approximate due date and that there are no complications with her pregnancy. A pregnant passenger may NOT travel with us after:

  • The end of 36 weeks if pregnant with one baby
  • The end of 32 weeks if pregnant with more than one baby

You can learn more here

Premature babies (born at less than 31 weeks) will require approval to travel and parents/guardians should call our Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852) for further assistance. 

Kids between the ages of 12 and 16 years can travel unaccompanied. We cannot offer an unaccompanied minor service; they need to big enough to travel themselves. Young customers between the ages of 12-16 years may be assisted from the check-in counter to and from the aircraft.
Please remember to include your little angels in your booking to avoid the unnecessary trouble of having to re-book your flights.

We know that these precious bundles of joy need a lot of stuff, for 15% of the adult fare (excl. VAT and airport taxes) they also are entitled to 1 free checked bag weighing up to 20kg plus a collapsible pushchair and a child car seat for free. No additional bags may be purchased for infants.

Oxygen aid

Should you need an oxygen aid call our Contact Centre at least 72 hours prior to your flight to make arrangements as no personal cylinders are allowed on board. An INCAD form has to be completed by the traveller’s doctor with the amount of oxygen required which may be provided on board only. Please note no requests for oxygen can be done over a weekend or public holiday.

INCAD form

In some cases a passenger might require an INCAD form depending on their condition and a medical certificate to confirm that they are fit to travel. Call our Contact Centre for a INCAD form.

Mental disability

Travellers with mental disabilities include anyone with a disorder accompanied by impaired brain functions such as difficulty in learning and deficits in adaptive behaviour, including and not limited to conditions such as Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s/Dementia and Autism.

Mentally disabled passengers travelling alone should be evaluated by a medical practitioner using the Mentally Disabled passenger assessment and declaration form. The form should confirm that they are fit to travel without an abled bodied assistant, and can attend to their personal hygiene and physiological needs on their own on board the aircraft before, during and after the flight. This form should be completed and brought along with them and will be verified and handed back to them at the check-in or boarding areas and should then be kept in their possession at all times. These passengers will be classified as a Disabled Passenger Needing Assistance according to Comair policies.

Download the Mentally Disabled passenger assessment and declaration form here.

Note: The Pilot in command will have the authority to offload a passenger arriving at the aircraft without such form if in his opinion the passenger is unable to comprehend or respond appropriately to safety instructions from cabin crew, including the safety briefing.

If a mentally disabled passenger is travelling with a self-supplied, able bodied assistant, they can travel without the medical declaration form. The self-supplied assistant will attend to the needs of the passenger if they are unable to attend to their personal hygiene and physiological needs on their own on board the aircraft as ground staff and cabin crew are not trained to assist with these needs.

Travelling with pets

Trusted companions will no longer be accepted at all our check-in counters (excluding service dogs which are permitted for check-in and in the cabin), but will be transported through BidAir Cargo. To arrange for the transportation of your domestic pet or live animals, please call 011 230 4600 or email them at info@petlounge.co.za.

When calling BidAir Cargo Central Call Centre’s Reservations you may request that your pets travel on the same flight as yourself provided the booking is made 48 hours prior to departure and on space availability.

Animals are to be at the BidAir Cargo (Pet Lounges/Holding Areas) at least 2 hours prior to domestic flights and 4 hours for regional flights. 

You can learn more about transporting your pet at www.petlounge.co.za

If you’re unsure, please call us.