TRAVEL UPDATES: customers affected by the Civil Aviation Authority’s recent flight suspension from 12th to 16th March have the option of either a Travelbank credit or full refund of their ticket value. Please read the latest information on our travel updates section.

Travelbank is an online account that allows you to pay or part-pay for flights, replacing the need for real cash. It can be combined with credit card payments when booking flights online or through our Contact Centre. What’s the value of your Travelbank credit? 1 Travelbank credit is worth 1 ZAR, and an account will be created for you by one of our Contact Centre agents if you’ve received a refund or need to claim your compensation voucher. This account will then be credited and can then be used to book at any time on any of our flights, including Discovery Vitality domestic flight bookings. You could even purchase a ticket for someone else!

To get a Travelbank account, you’ll need to create a kulula ID, which will help us associate the credit to a person. A kulula ID will also make it easier to book a flight in just a few clicks. Type in your login and password and we’ll remember the rest of your details.

Please note: Travelbank credit can only be used to pay for flights. Another form of payment will need to be used to purchase ancillary products, car hire, hotels, holidays, or to pay for the mandatory Discovery Vitality booking fee. No combination bookings (flight plus car/hotel) or flight extras can be bought using Travelbank.

Read more about the kulula ID


Getting your Travelbank account

There are 2 easy steps to getting your Travelbank credit and using it to book your next flight:

  • Step 1: Ensure you have a valid kulula ID with the correct name, surname and contact details. Log in now to check your details, or create a kulula ID profile if you don’t have one.
  • Step 2: Get in touch with us at to create your Travelbank account and link it to your new or existing kulula ID. When emailing us, please include your unique kulula id from step 1 and the following applicable information to facilitate the Travelbank credit process:
    • compensation voucher details, or
    • in the case of refunds or unflown tickets*, please include either your original ticket number, booking reference, or flight details (flight number, date of travel, routing and traveller’s name/surname)

* Unflown tickets are for the period 14 March 2020 to 30 November 2020. Read more

What happens next?

You will receive a Travelbank welcome email from kulula with your login information (PS: it’s the same info as your kulula ID log in). Please keep this email safe. Use this login information to check your credit balance and every time you want to pay using your Travelbank account. If you did not receive this email, please reach out to our Contact Centre for assistance. It's also helpful to keep an eye on the expiration dates of Travelbank credits to make sure you don’t lose out when they expire - more on this below.

That’s it! You’re all set and ready to book your next great adventure.

Accessing your Travelbank account

You can access your account on by logging into your travelbank account where you will be able to view your current credit balance and account statements.

Using your Travelbank credit

Once your credit has been allocated to your new or existing Travelbank account, log in with your kulula ID and use your credit when booking your next flight on Travelbank will be available as a payment option to pay or part pay for your flight booking. When paying using Travelbank combined with a credit card during the payment portion of the booking, simply apply your Travelbank funds first, and then enter the credit card information to cover the remaining balance.

You’ll be able to view the balance of your account and indicate the amount you want to apply to the current booking from your available funds. Remember to have your kulula ID login details handy for this step.

Travelbank credit validity

Your Travelbank credits have a limited lifespan in most cases. Their validity depends on the type of credit that you received. If you have a Travelbank account and it has been credited, please check the expiration dates and validity period of your credits.

credit validity periods
service compensation 1 year
flight cancellations 1 year
flight schedule changes 1 year
flight delays 1 year
airport compensation 1 year
groups bank deposits 3 years
Avios converted No expiry

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