What is Travelbank?

For more details on Travelbank credits issued due to unused/unflown flight tickets for 14 March 2020 to 30 November 2020, please read our flexible reaccommodation for unused tickets. info.

It’s an easier way to pay (or part pay) for flights -  a Travelbank account. It’s as good as having real cash and makes it easier for our kulula Contact Centre to send money or compensation your way. And there are no hidden agendas.

Only the kulula Contact Centre is able to credit this account so give us a call should you have a voucher. Travellers can combine a credit card payment with Travelbank to pay for flight, Travelbank can only be used for flights and taxes at this stage and unfortunately cannot be used towards the payment of any extras or changes. 

To get a Travelbank account, you’ll need to create a kulula ID, this helps us associate the credit to a person. A kulula ID will also make it easier to book a flight in just a few clicks. We’ll remember your details for you, so you just thave to remember a log in and password.

Create a kulula ID now