Is lost luggage really lost?

It's actually extremely rare for bags to get 'lost'. What does happen (occasionally) is that the captain can impose a weight restriction, which results in luggage getting put onto another flight. Here at kulula HQ, we realise that you would far rather entertain the idea of growing a third nostril than be told your precious suitcase of shoes will be arriving later, but sometimes bad things happen to good luggage, so we need to explain why.

Weather conditions such as wind direction, heat or rain on take-off or landing influence the weight a plane can carry. Aircraft weight is the most common reason that luggage is offloaded and transferred to another flight (so think about whether you really need that extra piece of pie). Sometimes a plane has to carry extra fuel, which impacts on how much other stuff can be carried. Lanseria International Airport in Jo'burg has a shorter runway than the other airports, which can add to the other factors. In the (still pretty rare) event that your luggage is transferred to a later flight, it's up to us to make sure you receive it, so we'll deliver it to you at our own expense. Promise. Cross our hearts.