Legal – Access to Q-Jump boarding

Q-Jump allows customers to fast track the flight boarding process at the Q-Jump boarding queue when they arrive at the boarding gate prior to the flight boarding time. Q-jump passenger’s checked baggage is tagged to identify it for priority off-loading at the destination airport.

  • Q-Jump is transferrable to a new flight when you change a flight with a Q-Jump product added.
  • Q-Jump is non-refundable in the event that you cancel your flight with a Q-Jump product added to the flight sector. Refunds or partial refunds will not be considered where you fail to present yourself for boarding on time prior to flight boarding or did not carry checked baggage.
  • Comair Limited will endeavour to provide all relevant services included in the Q-Jump product purchase, but will not be held liable for:
  • Q-Jump services not delivered in the event that you do not present yourself for boarding at the flight boarding gate prior to flight boarding time or fail to present your boarding pass as identification of the Q-Jump product purchased.
  • baggage not arriving first if it was not tagged due to failure to present your boarding pass at the Bag Drop counter.
  • late baggage arrival if there are operational or technical disruptions on the date of your travel which impacts your checked baggage arrival.