Legal - SLOW XS Lounge

Please note: SLOW XS is temporarily unavailable

Terms and Conditions

  • Slow XS Lounge access is  available for purchase for guests travelling from Lanseria Airport on flights at the time of flight booking on or via our Contact Centre and may be added after making a flight reservation on “Manage Booking” up to 24 hours prior to flight departure.
  • SLOW XS Lounge access may also be purchased on the day of travel at Lanseria Airport at Ticket Sales subject to availability prior to flight departure.
  • Access to the  SLOW XS lounge is available through complimentary access from select partners of SLOW XS Lounge and is subject to the  partners’ qualifying criteria., The onus is on you to familiarise yourself with the related terms and conditions of the complimentary access offering by such partners.
  • Access is valid on the date of travel only from 2 hours prior to your flight departure time, unless your flight is delayed and access will be extended until your new boarding time.
  • SLOW XS lounge access is available to Adults (over the age of 18 years) and children (2 to 17 years) accompanied by an adult; infants (under the age of 2 years) may accompany the adult at no charge.  
  • SLOW XS lounge access is non-refundable but may be transferred to a new flight departure if there is a voluntary flight change made by the guest.
  • Attention is drawn to the fact that boarding commences 30 minutes prior to flight departure time.  Guests must ensure they leave the lounge for flight boarding in good time. Failure to board timeously may result in a guest being offloaded and the ticket being cancelled as well as all onward sectors of the flight reservation.
  • To gain entry into the lounge, guests must present their valid boarding pass and proof of identification. Entry will only be permitted prior to the scheduled flight boarding time.
  • SLOW XS lounge is monitored by CCTV.
  • SLOW XS lounge reserves the right of admission and retains the right to deny access to any person should the staff deem it necessary. In the unlikely event that there is no availability to the SLOW XS lounge due to unforeseen events, then we will have other facilities available for our guests or a refund will be made available on request. Refunds will be determined in the sole discretion of SLOW XS Lounge.
  • Use of the SLOW XS facilities is at your own risk. Neither the landlord nor the lessee or any of their agents and/or representatives shall be liable for any loss, damage or destruction howsoever caused and of whatsoever nature to any property or persons while using the facilities.
  • It is expected that guests show consideration for each other and refrain from doing anything that would adversely affect their fellow guests’ enjoyment of the SLOW XS lounge.
  • Any drunken or disorderly conduct that disturbs the peace, good order or quiet enjoyment of the SLOW XS Lounge is not permitted and SLOW XS reserves the right, in the sole discretion of its staff, to request guests disturbing the peace, good order or quiet enjoyment of the SLOW XS Lounge to leave.
  • In keeping with South African government legislation, smoking of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is prohibited at SLOW XS. Guests wanting to smoke are requested to use designated smoking areas outside of Lanseria Airport.
  • Alcohol can only be served to guests over the age of 18 years due to local liquor licencing laws.