PCI accreditation

what is PCI accredited?

It's really just a fancy acronym to say that we have passed the highest of standards in online security. What does this mean for you?

You can trust that your credit card details are in safe hands. Now you can save your details on our system so that it makes future bookings quick and easy. Log in to make your booking and all your details will be there for you. Simple quick and safe - just what we like.

So now the official low down on PCI security standards:

The PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) offers robust and comprehensive standards and supporting materials to enhance payment card data security. QSA companies are organisations that have been qualified by the Council to assess compliance to the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS). PCI DSS is aimed at enhancing security in the payment card industry, and forms a cornerstone in the fight against payment card fraud and theft. The standard outlines an actionable framework and best practice including prevention, detection and appropriate reaction to security incidents.

PCI DSS compliance involves a comprehensive checklist of twelve requirements, including building and maintaining a secure network, protecting cardholder data, maintaining a vulnerability management program, implementing strong access control measures, regularly monitoring and testing networks and maintaining an information security policy. Each of these processes has several steps that should be followed, and under each of these steps are multiple criteria that need to be met for compliance.

For more info visit www.pcicomplianceguide.org