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kulula Gold Card to be discontinued

FNB and kulula have taken a mutual decision to discontinue the kulula Gold Credit Card, effective 12 June 2022. All kulula Gold Credit Cards will be valid until the expiry date on the card or until 11 June 2022, whichever occurs first.

Customers will still be able to earn kulula moolah on their monthly kulula Gold Credit Card spend up until 11 June 2022 as well as receive, and use, their kulula Travelbank credits. All Travelbank credits are valid for six months and card holders can continue to use their credits towards booking flights on kulula.com.

If kulula moolah has not been credited in recent months, kulula will still process the credits and customers will have six months from the date of crediting to use it towards flights on kulula.com.

"Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, the kulula Credit Card is no longer a viable product. We are grateful to our customers for their support, and their patience during this time, and we apologise for any inconvenience," said kulula COO Des O’Connor. "FNB has contacted all the card holders directly with the available options and the next steps required. We have been getting a number of queries, so we have also published a comprehensive FAQ on our website."

Holders of the kulula Gold Card have several options available. They can convert the card to an FNB Aspire Credit Card; they can settle the outstanding balance in order to cancel the card; or they can continue with their scheduled monthly payments until the outstanding balance has been settled and the card can be withdrawn. Existing FNB Credit Card customers also have the option of applying for a limit increase on their FNB Credit Card, covering either the outstanding balance or the credit limit, or both if needed.

For information about changing to the FNB Aspire Card, credit balance or payments, please contact the FNB Customer Helpline on 087 575 9404. For any queries regarding kulula moolah or the kulula Travelbank, please contact the kulula.com helpline on 086 158 5852.

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