Check-in online

Customers are requested to be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to their domestic flight departure to allow enough time for health screening and processing of health travel questionnaires. Learn more about other things you need to know when travelling.

Save time by using one of our online platforms

No-one likes to stand in queues and life already has so many of them – shopping centres, doctors’ room, you name it. Check-in online, before you fly using your tablet, desktop, laptop, smart phone or by downloading the app. All you need is your booking reference and last name to check-in.

Print your boarding pass from the comfort of your home or access it via the kulula app, then simply drop any bags at the ‘Bag Drop’ counters and head on over to catch your flight. Here’s to less queues.

Note: Online check-in opens 24 hours prior to your flight and closes 60 minutes before departure.



Where do I find my flight number?

Please select an option above. ↑ flight

If your flight number starts with MN please check in 24 hours before departure using your reference number.

British Airways flight (operated by Comair)

If your flight number starts with BA please check in 24 hours before departure by visiting using your British Airways reference number.

Other airlines

Visit the airline website or check-in at the airline specific check-in counter.

Flying internationally
If you are flying internationally, please ensure that you check-in at the counter specific to the airline you are flying with.

Important things to know before you check-in

  • Online check-in opens 24 hours before flight departure
  • Online check-in closes 1 hour before flight departure
  • Arrive at the airport 90 minutes before flight departure
  • Bring along your valid government-issued South African ID book/Smart Card, Driver's License or valid passport. Learn more on acceptable forms of identification.
  • Minors younger than 18 years old travelling to or from South Africa need to travel with the necessary documentation including an unabridged birth certificate
  • Drop your luggage off at the "bag drop off" zone before going through security
  • Seat allocation may change due to operational, safety or security reasons
  • Exit row seats are restricted from online check-in
  • By checking in online you can print your boarding pass at home or at the airport
  • Customers who purchase pre-paid seats still need to follow the check in procedures

What you need to know

  • Check your flight numbers before proceeding to the correct counters. ‘MN’ means proceed to the kulula counters, and ‘BA’ means proceed to the British Airways (operated by Comair) counters
  • Drop your bag at the bag drop-off zone at least 45 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes prior to departure for international flights before going through security
  • Bags cannot be dropped off 45 minutes prior to departure

Self-service check-in options

You can conveniently check-in online from anywhere on the kulula app or website using your tablet, desktop, laptop or smart phone.

Check-in via the website

If you’re flying with us to a local kulula destination, follow these easy steps for hassle-free check-in:

  1. In the check-in block above select the appropriate flight number. 'MN' for kulula or 'BA' for British Airways (operated by Comair)
  2. Insert your 'Booking reference' and 'Last name' to search for your itinerary
  3. Once successfully logged in, go through the list of baggage security items to check you are not carrying any dangerous goods on board the aircraft, on you or in your luggage
  4. Select the travellers you are checking in, and indicate the type of traveller you are; male, female or child
  5. You can either check in or select a seat. To select a seat, click on the ‘select seat’ tab and choose your preferred seat free of charge. If you've already purchased a pre-paid seat, you can change it at this stage, but once check-in is complete, no further changes can be made 
  6. You will be presented with an option to add ‘flight extras’ that were not added previously during your flight purchase or on ‘Manage Booking”. These include:
    - Q-Jump *Limited availability. When unavailable, a message will display to indicate that it is no longer available and should not be selected
    - Extra bags (additional 20kg bags not exceeding dimensions 90 x 23 x 36 cm may be added). Note: if you have previously added extra bags, you will not be able to add additional bags at check-in, these may be added at the Airport Ticket Desk
    - SLOW XS Lounge (only available for Lanseria Airport)
  7. Once you’ve checked in, you have the option to print your boarding pass or email it to your preferred email addresses. You can also print your boarding pass at home or collect it at the check-in counters

Check-in via the kulula app

To check-in for your flight via the app, check-in from the check-in screen (from the bottom navigation bar):

  1. Click on the ‘Check-in’ menu item to check-in for your flight.
  2. On the check-in screen enter your ‘Booking reference’ and ‘Last name’ then click ‘CHECK-IN’. Once the booking is retrieved, please read all the ‘Important information’ and scroll down to accept the ts&cs and the app will display the upcoming trip with the traveller’s details available for check-in.
  3. Select the traveller(s) you would like to check-in and enter any additional information per traveller as required.

Note: Seats may be pre-selected for your convenience but you have the option to change the seat by clicking ‘SELECT/CHANGE SEAT’ for each traveller.

Read more about where to check-in.