Flight name changes

Name corrections

Corrections to traveller names are free to make, however, please check that your name details are exactly the same as what appears on your ID before going on to the next step.

Name corrections will be permitted in the following instances:

  • Spelling changes/spelling error corrections
  • Changes to last name due to marriage/divorce (with supplied proof)
  • Changes to titles and academic titles (e.g.: ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs’; ‘Ms’ to ‘Prof’)
  • Swapping last names and first names around

Name changes

Name changes are not allowed on any flight bookings.

See the examples below and if your request is allowed call our Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852).

Not allowed - name changesAllowed name corrections
Mark Burger to John Veldman Jackie Smith to Jacqueline Smith
Jeremy Shard to Jeremy Chard
Ms Patience Shabalala to Dr Patience Shabala

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