Online check-in notice

Important information

Online check-in times

Check in opens 24 hours before your flight and closes 2 hours prior to your departure.

Boarding passes

  • You can opt for a paperless journey; after you’ve checked-in via the kulula app, you can easily retrieve your boarding pass (e-boarding pass) which can also be viewed and shared to your contacts from the app. Alternatively, it can be printed at the self-service kiosk or obtained at check-in counters.
  • Barcodes may not read at all security checks and a manual over ride may be necessary.

Identity documents

  • Your ID book, temporary ID with a photo, driver's licence or passport must be presented at check-in and the boarding gate.
  • Minors younger than 18 years of age travelling to or from South Africa need to travel with the necessary documentation including an unabridged birth certificate.


  • Hand baggage consist of one 7kg bag (with dimensions of 56x36x23cm including handles and wheels), plus a slimline laptop bag or small handbag. If baggage is more, you will be sent back to check in.
  • Your checked bags must be dropped off at least 45 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes prior to departure for international flights. Once you’ve checked your bags in go straight to security.
  • The checked bag allowance per travellers is dependent on the Branded Fares option selected at the time of booking and ranges from hand baggage only, i.e. no checked baggage with our ‘Fly Light’ fare option, 1 checked bag @ 20kg with our ‘Pack & Go’ fare option, or up to 2 checked bags @ 20kg each as part of our ‘Fully Loaded’ fare option. Please check your booking and refer to our Branded Fares information for more details on the different baggage allowances when travelling with us. Additional bags will be charged at R410 per bag at the airport.
  • Bags weighing between 20kg - 32kg will be subject to a 'heavy bag' fee of R330 at the airport.


  • Seats may change if there is an aircraft change.
  • Exit row seats are not available for self-service check-in.

Baggage security questions

Please review and confirm the below statements*:

  • I’m travelling with my own luggage
  • I've packed my own bags, no one else helped me pack or packed on my behalf
  • If I’m carrying something on behalf of someone else, I’m well aware of its contents
  • Any sharp or harmful articles I may have packed are not in my hand luggage but in my checked baggage
  • I do not have any dangerous goods in my baggage
  • If I'm carrying Lithium-Ion batteries, I am not carrying more than two(2) spare batteries and they are packed in insulated packaging and placed in my cabin baggage only
  • If I am carrying e-cigarettes, they will remain unused at all times and in my carry-on baggage only

*If any of the statements are false please check in at the kulula check-in counters